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Note : I am posting this here just to preserve the material I wrote, which I removed from Victor's bio page by choice.


  • A favored tactic used by Victor in his political battles seemed to have been to allow an enemy to obtain a position of power and authority, in the hopes that the responsibilities of their position would hamper their efforts to use that power for personal goals. This may have reflected that Victor himself often felt hampered by his greater responsibilities. This tactic had some success against his sister, as Katherine was only able to hold on to her thrones by cracking down harshly against those who protested against her rule, an act that slowly damaged her "humanitarian" image. It was far less successful against the political genius of Sun-Tzu Liao, who abused his position as First Lord of the Second Star League to reclaim the St. Ives Compact. It also backfired against Gavin Dow, who was able to use the position of Precentor Martial to consolidate his political power within ComStar, and ultimately set himself up to become the next Primus.