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MW5 pilot bio dumpEdit

Lt. Cecile Laurent

Born on the fringes of Davion space, Cecile had always dreamt of becoming a Mechwarrior. She has seen very little time in a combat sim, and even less on an actual battlefield. Offering her services at a low rate, Cecile is well-aware of what she provides. Low quality piloting, but at a palatable price.

Lt. Lukas Beaumont

Lt. Lukas Beaumont was the child of two highly regarded Federated Suns Mechwarriors. When his parents were killed in a battle, he became disenchanted with high command, whom he saw as incompetent and cowardly. Instead of following in his parents footsteps, he choose to live as a 'Merc instead. Tempermental and prone to take risks, Beaumont would be long dead if he did not possess the natural talents of a bonafide Mechwarrior

Lt. Shaun Velez

Shaun Velez followed in the footsteps of his famous parents, trying to become a renowned Mercenary. He doesn't have the wealth of combat experience as most veterans, but his instincts make him a reliable pilot.

Capt. Louise Fenstrom

Louise Fenstrom is a reliable, steady Mechwarrior who approaches every battle with a cool professionalism.

Lt. Leon Freeman

Lt. Leon Freeman is a relatively inexperienced Mechwarrior, with only a few years of 'Merc experience under his belt. After his lancemates were wiped out while protecting Sebastian Spears' dig site, he found himself without a company. When Commander Mason offered him employment, Freeman leapt at the chance.

Lt. Dahlia Eskildsen

No one is truly sure of where Lt. Eskildsen hails from, as no official records have ever been found. Green and wet behind the ears, Eskildsen is eager to start logging some serious minutes on the battlefield. Despite her shortcomings, there is some possibility she could one day become a competent Mechwarrior.

Lt. Gunnar Thomson

Gunnar Thomson was raised in a proud Rasalhauge family, the son of FRR independence fighters. Bolstered by his parents' fighting spirit, he takes the same passion into the battlefield. He is happy to jump even into the most dangerous situations.

Lt. Karina Tanaka

Tired of the monotonous life of a grain farmer, Lt. Tanaka decided to throw it all away to become a Mercenary. Due to lack of combat experience, she hasn't had much time to hone her craft. If she manages to survive the first few years as a pilot, perhaps she will grow experienced enough to gain a bit of a reputation.

Chu-i Ashaki Nazari

Born on a Kuritan agricultural complex, Chu-i Ashaki Nazari chose to pursue a career as a Mercenary in order to get away from the tedium of everyday life. She has only seen battle a handful of times in her short career. And it shows. She hopes to be lucky, and stay lucky long enough to make some cash and get out.

Chu-i Hayato Ito

Chu-i Hayato Ito was born on the outskirts of Kurita space, and dreamed of becoming a famous mercenary that travelled the inner sphere. He thinks he can be the hero the Inner Sphere deserves. Ito is sorely delusional.

Chu-i Nia Abara

Chu-i Nia Abara was born into a ruling-class Draconis Combine family, and at one point was destined to be the next ruler of her Duchy. For reasons unknown, she instead cut ties with her family, and started anew as a wandering Mercenary. She has only a few deployments, and even fewer confirmed kills in her name. She has a nasty habit of letting her hands shake and rattle while piloting a Battlemech. Not a good sign.

Sao-wei Dexter Fong

Dexter Fong was raised on a fringe Liao system constantly under siege from raiders. As such, he was more or less expected to become a Mechwarrior. Due to lack of combat experience, he hasn't had much time to hone his craft. A decently skilled pilot, name continues to grind away with a true Mercenary attitude.

Sao-wei Nicolai Ivanov

Like all Capellans, Nicolai Ivanov was raised to revere and admire the brave Liao Mechwarriors. Over the years however, his bright-eyed idealism was replaced with a world-weary cynicism, and he chose to become a gun for hire, instead of a Confederation hero. He might not prove to be an effective long-term lancemate, but he will at the very least, prove to be adequate fodder. Every year, thousands of pilots try to make it big in the Inner Sphere, and every year, thousands fail. Ivanov is likely one of the failures.

Sao-wei Tori Liu

Sao-wei Tori Liuhails from an undisclosed planet within the Capellan Confederation, and her sole focus was to become a Battlemech pilot. She is an inexperienced pilot, with scant combat experience.

Lt. Kevin Armstrong

As a child, Lt. Kevin Armstrong imagined himself living the life of a roaming Mercenary, jumping from adventure to adventure. Brash and tempermental, name wants to be the hero, but his shortcomings as a pilot may be a liability. Armstrong however, is slowly notching kills as his minutes on the battlefield begin to steadily rise.

Lt. Lina Santiago

Growing up in the poverty of a fringe planet on the rimward side of Marik space, Lt. Santiago saw the Mercenary life as an opportunity to see the inner sphere and forge a better life for herself. She has raw talent, but hasn't seen enough combat to truly test out her skills in the cockpit.

Lt. Victor Ambriz

Born on a Marik agricultural complex, Ambriz chose to pursue a career as a Mercenary in order to get away from the tedium of everyday life. He is a steady, safe Pilot who can be counted on in most situations. In his eyes, he's no hero. Nor is he setting out to be. Ambriz just wants to collect a reasonable paycheck every little while.

Commander Mason

The only child of well-respected Mechwarriors, Commander Mason was always destined to be piloting his own Battlemech one day. His parents, Chloe Reed and Nikolai Mason, raised him alongside the 'Mechs of their Mercenary company, "Nik's Cavaliers". Commander Mason learned how to pilot a 'Mech before he could even walk.

Col. Richard Markson

Colonel of Markson's Marauders

Capt. Shenzeng [Artemi Shenzeng]

Born on Randar in 2992, Dimitri Shenzeng comes from a long line of Mechwarriors who proudly served the Capellan Confederation. His allegiances began to shift however, when he was rescued by Captain Mason after he had been captured by a band of pirates. Dimitri's deep sense of honor compelled him to declare a life debt to Commander Mason. He has served dutifully under Mason ever since.

Lt. Coner Murphy

In the name of family tradition, Lt. Coner Murphy began training to be a Mechwarrior, but as he grew older, the appeal of the life of a Mercenary became too strong to deny. He cut all ties with his family and became a wandering Mercenary. His ultimate loyalty is to your wallet, but he will nonetheless approach each job like a true pro.

Lt. Greda Weber

Lt. Weber was raised in a poor family on a Drought World planet. With no means of income at home, she went down the dangerous, but potentially lucrative path of being a Mercenary. She is a freshly minted 'Mech pilot, whose skills reflects her general lack of experience. She thinks she can be the hero the Inner Sphere deserves. Weber is sorely delusional.

Lt. Rebecca McCleary

McCleary hails from an undisclosed planet within Steiner space, and her sole focus was to become a Battlemech pilot. She is trying to make it on her own in the galaxy, as she is looking to start her mercenary career however she can. In her eyes, she's no hero. Nor is she setting out to be. McCleary just wants to collect a reasonable paycheck every little while.

MW5 pilot skill dumpEdit

Values: Total Exp (need conversion) / Skill Cap

TODO: Figure out what the numbers mean, Mason

Gunnery Ballistics Energy Missile Piloting Evasiveness Shielding Heat Management
Adran Sortek (Cecile Laurent clone?)
0/0 620/6 0/5 0/3 0/0 0/3 260/4 0/1
Colossus (Emiko Hayashi?)
2000/8 7200/7 7200/7 3200/6 800/8 200/6 800/8 7200/8
Cecile Laurent
0/0 260/6 0/5 0/3 0/0 0/3 260/4 0/1
Lukas Beaumont
0/0 0/5 260/4 0/1 0/0 260/5 260/5 0/2
Shaun Velez
0/0 0/3 0/1 0/4 0/0 975/5 0/4 0/4
200/8 200/8 400/8 100/7 200/8 100/8 200/6 200/6
Freeman Ally (?)
0/0 200/8 400/8 100/7 0/0 100/8 200/6 200/6
Dahlia Eskildsen
0/0 0/3 260/5 0/4 0/0 0/3 260/3 260/4
Gunnar Thomson
0/0 0/6 0/2 260/5 0/0 260/3 0/2 260/3
Karina Tanaka
0/0 0/3 260/5 0/4 0/0 260/4 0/3 260/5
Ashaki Nazari
0/0 0/1 975/6 0/4 0/0 0/2 260/4 0/5
Hayato Ito
0/0 0/1 0/4 260/5 0/0 260/6 0/3 260/4
Nia Abara
0/0 260/6 0/5 0/5 0/0 260/3 260/4 0/2
Dexter Fong
0/0 0/3 260/4 0/3 0/0 260/5 260/4 0/4
Nicolai Ivanov
0/0 260/4 0/2 260/4 0/0 0/3 260/6 0/4
Tori Liu
0/0 0/3 260/5 0/2 0/0 0/2 260/4 260/5
Kevin Armstrong
0/0 0/5 0/5 0/5 0/0 0/2 975/6 0/4
Victor Ambriz (Velez?)
0/0 0/2 260/4 0/3 0/0 0/4 260/6 260/6
Lina Santiago
0/0 0/4 0/3 260/5 0/8 260/5 260/4 0/2
Piranha (Mason/Commander?)
0/0 0/10 0/10 0/10 0/0 200/10 800/10 0/10
Rook/RookieTemplate/Pfc. Adil Said (???)
200/3 200/1 1800/4 800/3 800/5 200/6 800/6 3200/6
Coner Murphy
0/0 0/2 0/3 260/5 0/0 260/6 260/5 0/2
Greda Weber
0/0 0/3 260/4 260/4 0/0 0/2 260/6 0/4
Rebecca McCleary
0/0 0/2 260/4 0/3 0/0 260/5 0/3 260/6
WarDog/War Dog/Lt. Arthur Willoughby (?)
5000/8 1800/8 3200/8 3200/8 800/8 200/6 800/6 5000/6