Hello everyone. I'm Jasper.

I was first introduced to the Battletech universe in the early 90s and have had something of a "love/hate" relationship with it ever since. That's mostly been on account of having to set priorities in my life, which tends to leave Battletech on the bookshelf... literally and figuratively.

I was first drawn to the Game System because of the artwork and the background of the universe, and though some people complain of the complexity of the rules I am a huge fan of that kind of stuff. Most of my efforts have gone into several "fanon" projects, including an infantry-based game that is designed to bridge the gap between Battletech and the RPG "MechWarrior" level of play, but I still love and respect all of the standard canon stuff.

My true love for the game lies in the Aerospace/Space Combat aspect, and in fact it was the pictures of the aerospace fighters from the old Technical Readout: 3025 that really captured my interest.