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|name= Dominion |manufacturer= Zosma |production year= |year reference= |introduced= |model= DO-M-X8R |cost= unknown |Tech Base= Clan |mech type= Battlemech |feet= |mass= 65 tons |chassis= DM-1 Endo Steel |armor= Composite Alpha-V2 Ferro-Lamellor |engine= 225 XL Fusion Engine (with Supercharger) |comsys= Khan Series (WC-020) |T&T= WC-TT-008B |heat sinks= 10 Double Heat Sinks |speed= 86 km/h |speed with MASC= 108 km/h |speed with TSM= |jumpjets= |armament=

|BV (1.0)= |BV (2.0)= }}


Discovered adrift in space long with the Chariot, which investigations later showed it to be a Duat-class Dropship. In truth, this BattleMech is an experimental prototype from an unknown source based upon elements from the Conjurer (Hellhound) clan battlemech which in truth could be considered the clan's equivalent of the Wolverine IIC model as well as the SLDF's War Dog. Engineers called it an excellence in engineering and an innovative high-technology platform combining and upgrading the best parts of its forefathers and gave it the designation DO-M-X8R Dominion.

The Mech was shown to be highly mobile, heavily armored, and pack enough punch to dissuade faster units from pursuing it. And it was a brawler, capable of holding its own in the increasingly common world of BattleMech physical combat. Though it is under-gunned compared to other Clan heavy Mechs, the trade-off was deemed necessary in order to gain the mobility that allows a Dominion pilot to dictate the terms of battle. Much like its forefather, it is a fast strike BattleMech, which could take part in missions requiring speed and firepower as well as survivability. This along with a highly advanced electronics package and mobility and responsiveness that allows it to keep up with most lighter medium Mechs, the Dominion can also used for command purposes when working with other units. Much like the Shadowhawk, the Dominion is also included with an highly advanced life support system that can keep a pilot comfortable up to twice as long as similar systems in other Mechs.

Weapons and Equipment

The Dominion was built to focus on more speed and mobility over pure firepower. While it appears under-gunned for a heavy mech, the weapons and equipment are perfectly balanced to allow a pilot to engage at any range or situation allowing the Mech to even fight and win above its weight class. It is equipped with an ER PPC in the Right Arm and an ER Large Laser on the Right shoulder to engage at long distances, supported by a Streak SRM-6 (with 2 tons of ammo) and a pair of ER Medium Pulse Lasers on the left arm for closer ranges. It also has a ER Small Pulse Laser in the back to protect against enemies from the rear. With 10 tons of Composite Alpha-V2 Ferro-Lamellor Armor constructed on an Endo Steel chassis, it is capable of taking large amounts of damage and continuing to fight.

The Mech has a standard walking speed of 54 km/h and is able to run up to 86 km/h max speed (108 km/h w/Supercharger) supported by Five jump jets for added tactical flexibility allowing it move across any battlefield quickly. A Clan Targeting Computer makes the ER PPC and ER Large Laser extremely accurate to the point where skilled pilots can specifically target certain parts of any Mech at unbelievable ranges. Each of the 'Mech's 1-ton missile bins are fitted with CASE II, reducing the explosive damage from a critical hit. The Dominion is also equipped with a hand actuator to allow it to carry hand held weapons and to aid it in physical combat. 10 Double Heat Sinks keep the Mech cool through a variety of combat situations.


As a one of a kind prototype, the Dominion has no other special variants. However, it does show some elements of Omnimech designs in that it can more easily swtich out certain equipments, primarily weapons. Most common changes are based around need and biome limits such as switching out the [Streak SRM-6] with different missile sets or the ER PPC for a single Gauss Rifle with 1 ton SRM ammo dropped for 1 ton Gauss ammo. Some pilots also sometimes add in an Active Probe and an prototype equivalent of the Combine's Angel ECM Suite.

Related BattleMechs

  • Wolverine - The Wolverine was one of the mechs taken by the SLDF Exodus fleet. Like other SLDF designs, the mech would later become upgraded with clan-technology and be given the IIC designation. However, the events of the Wolverine Annihilation would cause the clans to abandon the Wolverine IIC name, as it would represent the dishonorable clan. Instead the clans would rename the design as the Conjurer to distance itself from the Not-Named-Clan. Therefore, the Conjurer is the Wolverine IIC in spirit if not in name.
  • Conjurer - The WVR-7H Wolverine II served as the basic inspiration for a IIC-style redesign of the Wolverine that became known as the Conjurer (Hellhound). The Clans could never name a BattleMech after the Not-Named Clan and elected to rename the redesigned 'Mech that nevertheless is nothing but a reworked Wolverine concept, a Wolverine IIC in all but name. ComStar even reported the Conjurer as Wolverine-IIC in early sightings, presumably based on assumptions drawn from the obvious nature of the 'Mech.
  • War Dog - The War Dog is in general a close combat unit compared to most other SLDF unit which were more generalist designs (i.e. Orion, Battlemaster, Thunderbolt, and Spartan). The mech is a capable duelist, as evidenced by its popularity the Solaris arenas, but nevertheless works best as leading a lance. It can shoot its way in with the Gauss Rifle, and the -03FC can decently spar at range with its HGR / ERPPC combo, but both want to leap into the middle of the fray with heavy armor that can survive shots Gauss shots as well.

Notable Pilots

  • Hadrian Shepard, the commander of the former Markham's Marauders and direct descendant of Godric Calderon and Angelina Karosas.