I am a new user as of 4/3/10. I am a young writer and BattleTech fan who has written for Sylien Games (TradeWarsRising), as well as the author of a poetry blog that receives 20k visitors a year, which is somewhat unheard of in the realm of poetry. My goal is to write science fiction as well as literary fiction, and of course, poetry. But for now, I'm happy to be here, mostly to sharpen my editorial skills.

I have read almost all the novels of Michael Stackpole, Robert Thurston and Blaine Lee Pardoe, as well as a host of other works within the realm of the BT universe. I have also read many of the older source books such as The Periphery (my personal favorite), House Kurita, House Davion, BattleTech Compendium, Clan Wolf and Jade Falcon Sourcebooks as well as many Technical Readouts.

The one problem I do have is I am somewhat of a Ludite when it comes to new technologies (English Major, sue me...). From time to time I'll have questions that will be obvious to others, but not to me. Have patience with me and you'll earn a tireless editor and sometimes contributor who wants nothing more than a little bit of credit so I can escape the realm of kitchens and other various donkey jobs forever.

 Rebelscum 04:34, 4 April 2010 (UTC)