Is this thing on?

Hello?'s been more than 15 years since I played any Battletech. Sure, I dallied with Mechwarrior when it first came out, but collectible games are a money pit, and while I am made of many things (carbon and H2O, mostly), I am most certainly NOT made of money. Suddenly, in August of 2010, the uber-GM of my gaming group goes to Gen Con and rediscovers, you guessed it, now I'm back in the game.

I am, by nature, a role-playing gamer. Whatever game I'm playing becomes an exercise in role-playing to some degree. Monopoly? I play differently depending on what piece I get. Settlers? Whatever resource I'm best at producing becomes my theme. As a consequence of this sickness, no doubt a result of my ongoing exposure to D&D (30 years and still playing as of today, 9/1/2010!), I cannot simply play BattleTech; I can't just throw a lance on the board and blow stuff up. I need backstory, drama, and personality. I'm sure there's a lot of us out there.

I am considering submitting a HUGE chunk of fan fiction, a BattleTech novel I wrote in 1991 when I was laid up with a broken leg for three months. FASA reviewed a synopsis and a sample chapter and sent the standard rejection letter, and it's been sitting in my Word files, upgraded every time the technology advanced, since then. If you ever wondered what happened to Egan Telosa and the One Star Faith, devout worshippers of Kerensky's SLDF exiles, all stuck on Pasig in 3050...a couple hundred thousand Clan-lovers camped out on a Lyran world on the front lines less than one maximum jump from three Clan-held worlds...I offer an explanation.