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The Iron Sun Calvery

Joined 23 February 2020

One of the last Mercenary companies to still use Calvery units in battle, The Iron Suns is made up of several merc lances who signed on with the current commander, Cornel Austin, pledging to be honorable and only fight when neccesary. The company also has several units of artillary, infantry, tanks, fighters and two jumpships, very old jumpships. With a hombase on a little know planet in the periphery that is the the sight of several battles from the days of the star league thus leading to plentifully old salvege. And the eyes of comstar and many other governments. But the planet known as leeward jump, is quite hidden on the outer periphery.

The iron suns are currently under contract with the comstars in their reasearch into the days of the Star league, and has several military contracts with the azura reach, Draconis combine, and others. The iron suns have an old factory that helps speed up repairs.

The cornel wields a command version of a black night, once used by the star league defense core, under the famous Kernsky, by a pilot known as B.E.Lee. --to be continue--