Battletech fan since '87. Dedicated to the series, so much so that I have a CapCon tattoo and a Clan Blood Spirit tattoo on my left arm. That's dedication, folks.


Personally own every issue of the Battletech Comics. The 1987 Series (Blackthorne Publishing) and the Battletech: Fallout (Malibu Comics).

Married. Trying to convert the wife to Battletech. Almost there.

Still an active player of 4th Edition. I field the largest known Hunchback Force known to man (probably).

Played every video game and am still playing MW3, MC2, MW4:Mercs, and MA:LW.

Waiting on the new HBS BATTLETECH game!

Still play the Battletech CCG religiously. Universe Rules. House Liao Deck "Eyes of Sian".

Rarely play MW:DA, but do find time every once in a while. Field House Liao units, or sometimes Spirit Cats.

Wanting To Contribute[edit]

Anything regarding: Hunchback, Raven, and Champion 'Mechs. CCG Card Scans (where applicable) Fanon Material (22 years worth of Battletech adventures) Comic Scans

--"The Hunchback is the epitome of 'Mech design, contrary to collective opinion. I mean, just look at my kill record and dare to disagree." 19:29, 23 June 2010 (UTC)