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Worktroll was born (according to carbon dating evidence) some time before the wooly mammoth became extinct on the icy plains of southern Ontario, Canada. Due to his father’s job as corporate razor-man for a multinational company, he spent the first twenty years of his life spending no more than 3-4 years on any one continent, finally settling in Australia.

A long-term wargame grognard, the first wargame he purchased was Jutland by Avalon Hill, marking his lifelong passion for giant floating things with guns. He was introduced to RPGs at University, yet avoid the whole LARP thing thanks to a chance encounter with a boxed game bearing the image of a Macross Excalibur on the cover, under the name Battledroids. This marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for giant stompy robots with guns which continues to this day.

He’s a minor minion, occasional fact-checker/contributor and frequent nuisance to The Powers That Be of Catalyst Game Labs.