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Who am I? I, I am YUNCK! Nah just kidding,I am a pale dude who lives in a basement and lacks friends. I got into battletech a few years ago after rummaging through stuff and found the second edition. It looked cool, with the funny thing on the front, so I started making mechs right from the get go, the first one being the T-rex (ohhh the cringe, it is actually T.rex), a 100 ton mech. Lets be straight up and honest, it sucked, weapons were pathetic and it was slow with poor armor for its weight class. I have improved and my current model is the M1a4 Brawler, fast, heavy weaponry, and deadly melee capabilities. I only play the board game so no online stuff. If you want me to upgrade a mech or help with design, I will be happy to do so. Well hope you enjoy working with me.