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War College of Tamar

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War College of Tamar
War College of Tamar
War College of Tamar
Academy Information
Location Barbale, Dilis, Tamar[1]
Founding Year Star League era[2]
Course Information
BattleMech[1] 3075[1]
Aerospace[1] 3075[1]
Battle armor[1] 3075[1]


Located in the city of Barbale on Tamar's main Dilis continent, the War College of Tamar (alternate referred to as the Tamar War College) was a military academy serving the Lyran Commonwealth, Federated Commonwealth and Clan Wolf. Graduates of the academy wore a black school rag.[3]

Star League[edit]

Prior to the fall of the Star League, the Tamar War College was considered to be the best academy in the Lyran Commonwealth. It was noted for the quality of officers it produced, who were noted to be not only adept tacticians and strategists, but also outstanding administrators. TWC alumni were usually considered an exception to the general lackluster performance exhibited by fresh academy graduates in the LCAF.[2]

Succession Wars[edit]

The preeminence of the War College was endangered following Kerensky's Exodus and the transfer of the Nagelring and its sister school Sanglamore into Lyran hands. Despite this, the TWC would be a key facility for the LCAF until Tamar was attacked by House Kurita in 2915. The three-year battle to push the DCMS off-world cost the lives of most of the TWC's teachers and students, as well as the facilities themselves. The War College would remain in ruins until 3017, a casualty of the extended campaign to repair damage to the world. Tamar historians successfully pressured Duke Selvin Kelswa III and Archon Katrina Steiner to rebuild. It would graduate its first class in 3028.[4]

Clan Invasion[edit]

The Tamar War College was lost to Clan Wolf in 3051 during the Clan Invasion, with the invaders mothballing the unneeded facilities. The Federated Commonwealth however very much bemoaned the loss of the TWC as it contributed nearly a quarter of the Lyran output of ground forces graduates, a major blow on-top of the heavy losses the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth had already suffered during the invasion. This lack prompted the AFFC to expand the militia training facility on Bolan into the Melissa Steiner Martial Academy of Bolan to replace the TWC.[5][6]

Word of Blake Jihad[edit]

Cut-off from the Clan Homeworlds and suffering heavy losses following the Word of Blake's Scouring of Tamar, Clan Wolf would reactivate the mothballed War College of Tamar in 3071 to train its warriors, formally reopened the academy in 3075. Unfortunately due to the Wolves forced migration from the Homeworlds during the Blakist Jihad, Freeborn volunteers dominated and class sizes remained small, with Stone's Coalition intelligence agents foreseeing it would be another decade for the next generation of Trueborn sibkos to come of age. Offering all the common Clan combat branches, pointedly poorly regarded Combat Vehicle crews were not trained at the TWC, receiving on-the-job training instead.[7][1]

Dark Age[edit]

Hostilities with Clan Jade Falcon led Clan Wolf to cooperate with House Steiner, resulting in a reconstruction of a new War College of Tamar on planet Arc Royal. The original War College still resides on Tamar, currently in Clan Wolf space. Though used primarily to produce ground troops, the War College's new incarnation was completed with great haste and has begun to produce MechWarriors comparable to those produced by the oldest academies in House Steiner space.[8]

The new War College of Tamar on planet Arc Royal continues to produce capable MechWarriors, which are sorely needed during the apparent collapse of The Republic. With numerous worlds being thrown free, factions everywhere are scrambling to assemble appropriate forces to claim them. Though House Steiner has not heard from Clan Wolf in some time in regards to the original War College of Tamar, they know better than to believe that sleeping dogs ever truly lie.[9]

Despite the onset of the Clan Wolf invasion, nothing has been heard from the original War College of Tamar; however, pilots with diplomas from the Arc Royal War College of Tamar continue to appear on battlefields across the remnants of The Republic of the Sphere. Only time will tell if graduates of the old War College of Tamar will take kindly to hearing that a new school has taken their name, or if the college on Tamar even exists anymore.[10]

This Tamar War College would go completely unremarked on by 3145, despite the dire situation of the LCAF at that time.[11] Even if it were still in operation, the fall of Arc-Royal to the Jade Falcons in 3146 would likely spell the end for the facility.[12]


The original Tamar War College focused less on combat skills and more on leadership. The academy's combat skill curriculum was criticized as lackluster, though TWC graduates were still prized as excellent tacticians and strategists as well as being outstanding administrators.[2]


Tamar War College Training Battalion[edit]

See the Tamar War College Training Battalion page for more detailed information.


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