Witchwood Warriors

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Witchwood Warriors
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


The Witchwood Warriors under Stinger pilot Ysabel Vassy raided Kesai IV in April 2973, deploying just over a company of 'Mechs. The local House Davion militia was slow respond, but when they arrived at Cochi Spaceport (where the raiders' DropShip had set down) they were all heavier 'Mech designs than the raiders predominantly (if not exclusively) light designs. The militia destroyed a lance of raider 'Mechs before (former) militia AsTech Olivia, who had killed her abusive master and then found and salvaged the Legacy Grasshopper, joined the battle on the raiders' side and retreated with them when she was invited into their ranks.[1]

When asked by Olivia if they were mercenaries, Ysabel Vassy gave the impression that this was correct without actually answering the question. The context of the raid and the overall composition of the unit suggests that the Witchwood Warriors may have been a hard-luck unit working on their own at the time, skirting the line of piracy.[citation needed]

Their DropShip was an Overlord-class vessel with "some kind of tree" painted on its side.[citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Witchwood Warriors



Composition History[edit]



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