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WizKids, Inc. is a Seattle-based company that first made its mark in the non-electronic game industry producing collectible |miniatures wargames. The company was founded in 2000 by Jordan Weisman, a veteran of the game company FASA. It was purchased by sports-card manufacturer Topps, Inc. in 2003.

WizKids is best known for its collectible miniatures games (or CMGs) Mage Knight, HeroClix, and MechWarrior, all of which make use of the company's patent pending "Clix" system, in which the changing combat statistics and abilities of each figure are indicated by a turnable dial inside the base underneath the figure. Their latest CMG is HorrorClix, released in August 2006.

Though they proved less successful, WizKids also produced the short-lived CMGs Crimson Skies, Shadowrun Duels, and Creepy Freaks, as well as a baseball-themed CMG called MLB SportsClix. A CMG called ToonClix was announced in March 2006, but cancelled before it was released.

In July 2004, WizKids created a new product category with the release of their first constructible strategy game (or CSG), Pirates of the Spanish Main, which retains a small amount of popularity. Their next CSG was a science fiction game called Rocketmen, released in the summer of 2005, followed by a NASCAR CSG called RaceDay later that year, though these last two games are no longer being supported with new releases.

In 2005, WizKids released their first collectible card game, High Stakes Drifter. This game has since been discontinued. In May 2006, they released their second CCG, a licensed Battlestar Galactica game based on the reimagined TV series.

WizKids has entered the board game market with a game called Tsuro in 2005, followed byOshi in 2006. They also own the rights to the role-playing games Shadowrun, BattleTech and MechWarrior, which they license to FanPro, the games' publisher.

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