Wyld's Jokers

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Wyld's Jokers.png
Wyld's Jokers
Formed ca. 3132
Parent Command Bannson's Raiders

Wyld's Jokers was a detachment of mercenaries in Bannson's Raiders, a splinter faction of the post-Blackout Republic of the Sphere. They were a jack-of-all-trades unit that handled a variety of different missions.


Wyld's Jokers were more of a collection of societal outcasts, the perpetually restless, freebooters, and adventurers than an organized regiment.

Members of the Jokers were often spotted throughout the Republic, operating alone or in small groups, at Jacob Bannson's behest.[1]

Some members of the Jokers were later found in other commands.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Wyld's Jokers
Colonel Geoff Wyld 3132[1]

Other Officers[edit]


The unit possessed a wide variety of skills and equipment to handle any kind of odd job or assignment. They had little formal military training or expertise.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Wyld's Jokers - (Regular)[1]

  • Equipment Level: F
  • Size: Battalion


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