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Xao (Individual Leopard-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Leopard


The Xao was a Leopard-class DropShip operated by the Draconis Combine forces blockading Verthandi in 3025. It should not be confused with the Union-class DropShip of the same name that was also operated by the Draconis Combine forces at Verthandi.

On 25 October 3025[1] the Gray Death Legion's DropShip Phobos attempted a breakthrough to Verthandi. The Xao was among the ships maneuvering to keep the Phobos away from the planet[2] and, after the Phobos had opened fire on Combine aerospace fighters, moved to attack the Phobos.[3] It would later serve as a tactical transport for Combine BattleMech forces (in conjunction with tank forces delivered by the Subotai) and eventually, it is implied, took part in the withdrawal of the Combine troops.[4]


  • A scenario in Gray Death Legion (scenario pack) recreates the attempt of the Phobos to run the blockade of Verthandi. The setup includes two unnamed Leopard-class DropShips on the opposing side; one of them would have been the Xao. Although both are identified simply as Leopard, one of them has six aerospace fighters listed with it, suggesting it may in fact have been meant to be a Leopard CV.


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