Get Randy of NEVERON to Listen part 3

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11/04/05 11:12 PM

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Many people send it through their faction mails already.
It looks like a big time revolution now.
11/04/05 11:16 PM

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I dont know if it would be in the best interest of the game, but if you really want to make a point, keep neveron at 1st place in mpgod and win it for the month.

He might value longer standing players a little more when the flood of newbies dries up.
11/05/05 09:58 AM

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My thoughts exactly CreepingDoom.
Haha, you people think admins still look at these forums.

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11/05/05 10:33 AM

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Based off of what you guys are saying it sounds like he is upset over losing or something like that is lashing out.

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11/05/05 12:53 PM

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Just wanted to let you know that I am partly responsible for pub Nevmails being deleted. I have been complaining for MONTHS for them to start enforcing the rule that Nevmails should be in character. I regret that Randy finally decided to take action on THIS week. Randy deleting posts in the forum, posts about the game, however, is completly out of line ethically. I don't know what the setup of the forum with Sarna is though. If it's similar to the relationship #neveron has with AFTERNet, it is Randys perogative to delete any posts he doesn't like. He's still an ass for doing it, but that's the way life goes.
11/05/05 03:48 PM

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It seems that Randy is watching very closely whats going on. He has reported that unique ips are up from last week 1433 today from 1353 last week same time.

So with only Player Logins (past 24 hours): 3549 thats like 2.5 logins per ip, not bad for us.
Since everyone is allowed 5 empires that shows that many many people are holding back from logging in, however they are still connected with a window starting on Friday before midnight.

The goal is to get logins down to 2000, its a real tuff goal to meet, but its possible. The only hitch I see so far is that STB have totally disregarded the cf and hit HP.

So I shall call on all members of the cf to do their best to help out HP during the week starting at midnight GMT Sunday morning, meaning Sunday-Monday midnight (claification is good)...

Keep the good work up ladies and gentleman, Randy was noted as saying he was leaving for the weekend, it seems he decided to stick around and see the results of a little event he tried soooo hard to put the 86 on...
Once again good work, we're winning the battle ...
11/05/05 04:09 PM

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Randy might just tweak Data to support his point. He seems stubborn from his conversations I could read. So everything is possible. Daddy Randy "knows whats best for us"
It this would be a company and we the share holders he would try a lot to listen to us. But it isnt. We just pay and have nothing to say.

We just pay and have nothing to say. (it just rimes so nicely)
11/05/05 05:55 PM

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Ah, just governemental. Gotta love it.
Rather to blow up, then.
11/06/05 01:08 AM

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Do not blame yourself about the mail deletions Necigrad . There are TONS of posts in the nevmail that are not in character and they have not been deleted . There are other reasons that Admin is doing this .
*** When everything is said and done , all you really have is yourself . ***
11/07/05 12:37 AM

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I call to all that agreed to the CF to help with hitting STB, they violated our peace protest by hitting a member, as stated in the agreement they need to be dealt with.

If you the player base ate to be able to use such means in the future, we need to deal a blow to those that helped to ruin our numbers.

That FWAR severly sabotaged our goals, we were short of our target of 2k logins, but the next 2 days will show us what logins shouldve been with 8 fwars going on.

In addition logins for next weekend will be watched.

We got a message across, the admins were watching. But they seem to be short on understanding that customer service even in a game is needed.

My issues include the forced fwars but also include teh class's not being finished, bad code, ill consived ideas, a lack of storyboarding.
It is a "never ending beta" game, true enough, but storyboarding still needs to be done.

I'll try and get one of the smarter guys in Nev to try nad put the login numbers to some type of statistical form for you all.

With 8 fwars going on, logins were slightly higher than last week, and ips linked to Nev were also higher vs the same time last week. But there were only 4 fwars last week.
Land grabs and attacks seem to be low but I dont have the actual data for that.

Thank you to all that participated, it was fun. My time on Neveron is limited,for the fight for a better game isnt over ...
11/07/05 07:50 PM

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Well the admins are determined not to listen. I tried in my post Worried about Neveron to supply constructive criterism but no response from admins yet again.

Now in the updates, they have removed the Vote for Neveron link rather than addressing the reason why so many are voting for 1st place. Rather than admitting Random FWar was a bad change, we will just remove the link and solve the problem of upset players. As if people don't have the address. But here it is again.

Last time I looked and voted, it was still 1st.

I now expect that post to be deleted as it becomes more and more obvious that Randy is determined to continue on his chosen course and ignore any advice which does not conform to his picture of the game. Very sad, that he can't see that a lot of us are trying to help him but he refuses to listen.
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11/10/05 06:09 PM

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One by one, the rabbits are stealing my sanity.....
11/14/05 02:39 PM

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I wonder if the player base will consider Admins latest update as an answer . "We are talking about it changeing things but nothing will change before Dec." They didn't say what/if anything would change , just that they are talking about it . Does vague insinuation count ? As far as I am concerned , anything less than seeing an update that says "FFDoW has been taken out" will not stop me voting to keep Neveron at number 1 .

I have noticed that voting has slowed down over the last few days . This could be interesting .
*** When everything is said and done , all you really have is yourself . ***
04/24/06 11:37 AM

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even if the CF is over I am going to be posting your first post on every BT site I can find.
Already posted at Battletechunicerse and once CBT comes back on line will post it there as well.
and will have to go to the Heavy metal forms to(hey I got Heavy Metal AT 2 program might as well join up)so Randy will not have a chance to pull any thing over the newbes as well.

Tho XIBIOUS you may want to save these replys as well incase Randy get WWS to delete the Topic.
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CBT all the way

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04/24/06 03:07 PM

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this struggle was about Random Faction War.
after a while Randy changed it to a factionwar system with penalties for factions who are not waring. they aren't directly forced to do it though.

as a compromise was found this thread is kind of outdated, and doesn't need to be revitalized again. there's also no need to post xibs initial post in other forums.
as you seem not to play nev since quite a while i'm actually consider posting those messages to other unrelated forums even as some kind of slander. i might be wrong about this, but i don't have a complete overview.

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