Introductory Box Set: 100t vs 100t battle: What would you pick?

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06/09/12 06:54 AM

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Since I've been playing with the new introductory box set lately, I'm curious to see what mechs would all of you choose if you were challenged to a 100t vs 100t battle. Pick from the choices available and post your reasons please - I like reading them.

If your choice is "some other combo," please state what mechs you would choose along with your reasons.

Myself, I can't help but pick the Catapult and Panther combo. Why? Because they both are easy to use solid mechs with jump capability, long and short range weapons, decent mobility and workable faults. I also like them for the nostalgic value as I would always sell my starting mech in MW2:Mercs to get a Panther for the PPC, and every time I see a Catapult, I think of DeadEye and how cool he looked in his. Kind of silly, I know, but those are my precious MW2 memories which led to my love of Battletech in the first place.
Pick your most preferred mech combo up to 100t:
You may choose only one
Atlas or Banshee or Cyclops or Zeus or Awesome
Grasshopper and Spider or Commando
Catapult or Jägermech and Jenner or Panther
QuickDraw or Dragon and Assassin or Cicada or Clint or Hermes or Whitworth
Dervish and Vindicator
Enforcer and/or Hunchback and/or Trebuchet
Panther, Jenner, and Spider
Some other combo

Votes accepted from (06/09/12 05:28 AM) to (No end specified)
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06/09/12 03:50 PM

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Grasshopper and Spider for me. My favorite 3025 Heavy and Light mechs. Both have excellent mobility and decent firepower for their size, like to get inclose, and the Grasshopper is actually heat efficient.
06/09/12 07:22 PM

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I basically agree with Rapet's reasons with the exception of getting close. I would rather keep my distance and try to get the other mechs to run out of ammo with hard to hit shots.
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06/11/12 04:24 AM

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Looking at the list of mechs, I was curious what mechs are all included in the introductory box set. Took a look at the listing for Introductory Record Sheets, and I'm quite surprised.

I notice a few "rare" mechs like Spiders, Whitworths and Assasins, and no bug mechs.

In fact it appears to be devoid of the Unseen.

How the hell are newbies supposed to learn heat management without Warhammers, Riflemen and Marauders?
06/11/12 06:04 AM

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Simple you introduce them to the mechs and their coolness and such and have them fight using them or against them. Simple and easy.

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06/11/12 06:44 PM

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Yup. Just like Karagin said. For example, I was playing a round two days ago where my opponent was an Awesome and I was a Grasshopper. My opponent quickly learned that he was the only one that had to volly his fire or risk slowing down to a crawl. He also was the only one with minimum range worries. It ended up being a close match. Both of us had gutted CTs and damage everywhere, but I won with a lucky triple critical LL shot to his engine.

Also, the box set really hasn't changed much since the WKGames/Fanpro publishing of it. The documentation is virtually the same, just with Catalyst Battletech logos and slight additions, so the mechs are the same as well. If anything, the set is good for its two very useful table sheets for game play, updated rules, a painting guide, and 28 minis to paint - including a Summoner and yet-to-be-constructed Hellbringer in separate boxes. I'm happy with it, if only for these reasons.
08/16/12 11:59 AM

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I'm all about maneuverability, and hoppers are so dang hard to kill. If he takes an atlas I'm going to be behind him constantly with the little guy.
09/21/12 07:54 PM

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"Some other combo": Twin _Enforcers_ -- two each of Large Lasers and AC/10s, plus decent armor. (The _Hunchback_ is a little slow for a "9-hex-wonder"; the _Trebuchet_ doesn't quite have the maneuverability, even with the slightly higher cruise speed, and has the awful overheat.)

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10/17/12 06:39 PM

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A pair of Hatchetman's could do nicely, though 2x Enforcers taste good...
Victor + Flea;
4 Commandos may do reasonably well.

And similarly, I have liked Johnston's ideology: Throw an Axeman down-field with a Caesar to provide long range support... makes for a decent duo (above 100t of course).
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