Odin's Outhouse 100-ton Assault Support 'Mech

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11/04/17 12:50 AM

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Odin's Outhouse
IS TW non-box set
100 tons
BV: 2,524
Cost: 10,828,000 C-bills

Movement: 3/5
Engine: 300
Heat Sinks: 14 [28]
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 152 (Endo-Steel)
Armor: 304/307
Internal Armor
Center Torso 31 38
Center Torso (rear) 22
Right Torso 21 22
Right Torso (rear) 20
Left Torso 21 22
Left Torso (rear) 20
Right Arm 17 34
Left Arm 17 34
Right Leg 21 42
Left Leg 21 42

Weapon Loc Heat
Gauss Rifle RA 1
Gauss Rifle LA 1

Ammo Loc Shots
Gauss Ammo LT 8
Gauss Ammo RT 8

Equipment Loc

I still couldn't fulfill my dream of a BattleMech [or OmniMech] which, as Mick in "Rocky" put it would, 'Eat lightning and crap thunder.' The idea was inspired by the typically divisive nature of Autocannons versus Energy Weapons; namely the PPC. The original concept called for a Davion-esq 'Mech with Reflective Armor that uses Autocannons as it's main weapon, with an AMS for anti-missile. In essence, 'Eat lightning, crap thunder.'

However I still haven't gotten that one right, so I present to you instead: Odin's Outhouse. It craps thunding instead. Two ER PPCs, two Gauss Rifles and enough heat sinks to move and shoot at the same time. Since PPCs are 'lightning guns' and Guass Rifles are in essence super sonic cannons from hell, this 'Mech craps thunding, or thunder/lightning.

The other cool concept was from combined fire. PPCs melting away armor while causing an impact allowing the Gauss Rifles to more damage overall. Although not in the rules, scientifically this follows the same premises as the Pulse Laser. the PPCs basically, 'clearing the way' for the Gauss Rifles by making a heated / warped target with compromised armor that the Gauss can penetrate through easier.

The combat role of Odin's Outhouse is an "Assault Support" 'Mech. Meaning this pricey, 100-ton investment is meant to be used alongside Light / Medium Mech Lances and Combined Arms Units. The 'Mech puts out serious firepower at ridiculous range, along with having plenty of armor [19 and a half tons] to tank shots in kind. This allows it, with it's minimal speed, to support Light / Medium Brawlers or Skirmishers and supplement a mixed Lance or combined arms team by punishing bigger targets while the ankle biters wail on it from up close.

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