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10/29/17 09:49 PM

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Not sure if anyone can answer this here, but did the games original intent be a more static, stand and fight game then it turned out to be?
Much like the tank battles of the older wars.

The heavy and assaults were supposed to be the feared units in the fluff, but tend to lost to the highly mobile mechs due to hit penalties.
The armor/weapons load seems to favor the static battles.

As a side note. This may well be why the ac was thought to be a great weapon with the weight/heat and limited ammo. They hit much better and might actually been better then the lower damaging laser with the lack of movement penalties.
10/30/17 05:42 PM

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From the first novels to the oldest writers I've worked with, the game was always focused on the mobility of 'Mechs. I don't think anyone intended for the game to be stand-and-deliver; that was an unusual situation for assault 'Mechs to exult in.
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Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
10/30/17 08:41 PM

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Ok. Thanks for the info.

Just sitting and looking at it all, it just seemed the intent was one thing, and as players caught on to the little quirks, ended up turning another way.

It seemed stories and even adventure packs of old, were just starting to get into the mobility over armor and firepower.
11/02/17 04:31 PM

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I think most newbie players get into the "stand and deliver" style because:

a) You miss less standing toe-to-toe
b) Heavies/Assaults are sexier.

I personally never appreciated the value of mobility until I started playing Neveron. Superior pilot + superior mobility = lots of win.
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11/04/17 06:57 PM

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And there's something satisfying about hurling great big shells, missiles and Particle Projectiles at each other from across the map. Not sure what it is about it, mind you, but there's nothing quite the same.

Especially with some low-mobility "Ankle Guards" with close / medium range weapons aplomb. Basically a 'come and get me strategy of exchanges and light / medium 'Mech meat grinders.
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11/06/17 12:49 AM

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Game I played in a couple yeas back, set during the Galtor Campaign -- mixed group of Davion Heavies and Mediums, vs. Kurita Heavies and Assaults.

The other players were surprised when I grabbed the Davion Mediums (_Enforcer_, and _Centurion_).

I spent the entire game either Running, or Jumping; and shooting all the while (the _Centurion_ has the ammo for it; the _Enforcer_ has a laser). I was moving 5-6 hexes each turn, while the Kuritans were barely making 1-2 hexes. Result, I was scoring hits, while they weren't. I wound up with two kills, and two more softened up for others to finish off.

Moral: The best armor in _BT_ is "don't get hit in the first place".

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11/06/17 12:59 PM

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That moral is any game out there.

The whole movement thing seems to run counter to all the fluff in the game. It seems like most of the fame and glory is tied up to using the assault units.
But it didn't make sense when performing quick raids with the slowest units around. By the time you get to your destination, the dropships should be leaving the world.

Had talked to someone I played with when the game first came out, and the thought came back up. I was wondering if we were the only ones to have thought like this when first playing.

Granted, we didn't use the jets constantly at first, and the best (only) areas were in the heavy woods. We learned that was not the best way, but then when you have 2 maps only, it is difficult to do too much running around.

I feel old now.
11/08/17 11:35 PM

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It helps when folks "play the game properly" -- that is: Play something besides 400-ton-lance bloodbaths.

I tended to annoy players with my events, where the heaviest unit was a _Shadow Hawk_, or *maybe* a _Crusader_ (and the Original Game Heavies and Assaults were such utter garbage, anyone foolish enough to take one promptly got his back-armor shot off by fast-movers). I would then point out: According to the writers (at the time), Mediums were the most-common class of 'Mech, then LIghts (those two making up ~70% of extant 'Mechs).

Then Star League Tech came along, and *that* screwed *everything* up....

Oregon: The "Outworlds Alliance" of the United States of America
04/04/18 05:45 PM

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400-ton Lance bloodbaths, you say?

There was actually a running gag in the BattleTech group I used to be a part of, where the Steiner Scout Lance always consisted of Four Atlases.

Apparently, everyone liked to play in an Alternate Universe where House Steiner is completely oblivious that any BattleMech besides the Atlas exists, and therefore it is the only one they ever build. All other humanoid mechs in the same weight class are just considered Atlas Variants. For example, the Dire Wolf is referred to as "Alternative Clanner Atlas", the Mackie is referred to as "Old Grandpa Atlas", etc.

*Light scout mech, probably a Commando, is running.*
"Command, I don't see anything."
*gets stomped on by a jogging Atlas*
"What was that sound, Forward One?"
"I'm not sure I think I stepped on something, but I don't see anything on my scopes."
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