New skill for MW2. Sensors.

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12/30/17 02:17 PM

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Nearly everytime I play Battletech, I play Mechwarrior with it. I love role-playing games and only like war games. So, I want to run almost all of my players battles using double-blind rules from Maximum Tech 1700, but the sensor rules are too generic. I was thinking of adding a sensor skill, mental based, specialities: IR, Electronic, Seismic, Beagle, Sonar (for subs), radar, etc...
Not only does this make sense, but it'll make the players, who want good mechwarriors, to buy another skill.
Thoughts, comments?
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12/30/17 03:41 PM

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So you want to split them up into specialty roles like they did with gunnery skills in later versions?
I understand that makes it even more realistic... It would be interesting to see how you deal with it. Are you going to make a general heading, like sensor operator, then add in subskills, that the main one divides into?
Example would be a point into the main heading, and it will allow say 4 points into the sub skills of the players choice?
Total of 4, not 4 per subskill idea.

It would be nice to see something done with say ecm and breaking the ecm rolls.
As a side note, the game does have sensor skill in the mechwarrior rules. Just nothing major.
Then some of the older adventure packs would make sense with the sensor baffling materials, that seem to disappear with the newer versions.

And I would think this skill would allow the players to jam enemy sensors by knowing this, like an opposed roll. Hide the ir some by knowing what the person is looking for. Penalties would be in effect for some.
Might even allow an assume roll to spot the ecm units like the raven.
12/30/17 07:23 PM

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I mentioned in the topic heading, but failed to mention in my post that this idea is for mechwarrior second edition. So, no sensor skill and no subskills.
I like the sensor jamming and ecm battling ideas though.
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05/07/18 01:03 AM

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Had a thought about this a few minutes ago.
It may make the skill usable if you base the warriors ability to use the sensor suite dependent on the skills the possess.
Example. Someone with only level one sensor operator skill, can barely figure out where in the cockpit the readout for it is, so any sort of issues like high dust or even woods would cause them to roll 8+ (or the abilities in the version you are playing) to even spot an enemy to even fire on them.
Level 2 might be an 6+ and anything with los would negate needing the roll on up the the max level, which would allow the user to actually override ecm on the field for his unit.
This could very much affect their targeting numbers even if they spot the enemy, at all levels of the skill.
The opposed rolls could still be used.
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