Mechwarrior 1 runs too fast.... any help?

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09/07/03 12:26 AM

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I am running XP, 3.0Mhz with 1gig ram. I have powerhits and now up to game 3, mechwarrior. I am unable to run the game slow enough to do any battles. Has anyone found a slow down program that runs under XP?
Thank you for your assistance in advance.
Search and destroy
09/08/03 12:25 AM

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No slowdown program will work. The problem is in the programming. I'm no specialist but from what i've read the programming depends on a processor call that the slowdown programs cannot manipulate.

in dog terms: a slowdown app can only make the processor busy so that it performs slower. It cannot change the fact that the processor still say's hi 1quadtrillion times a second.
09/11/03 04:57 AM

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I've experienced similar problems with other games (Forgotten Realms: Silver Edition, to be exact; combat runs so fast that you have to look around the battlefield on your characters' turns to see what the AI did). The interesting part is the problem seems to lie in the game's programming rather than the hardware. I also have the Wizardry Archives, which are about as old as it gets for computer role playing games (Wizardry I dates back to 1980, if I remember correctly; we owned it; I played it; I still love it), and the internal speed adjustment for it works perfectly, despite my computer being about 1000 times faster than those of its day. If the programmers had thought ahead and made the game's speed dependent on real-time as opposed to system clicks, we wouldn't have this problem. Same type of programming call, even.

Of course, it's easy to nit-pick now.

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09/12/03 04:19 AM

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I actually got a PowerMac 6100 with a DOS compatibility card. Runs an actual 486/66 chip, i've upgraded to a 486/100 overdrive chip, currently working on getting it to fit without overheating the mac. Basically its like having a small DOS machine inside the Mac, they share ram (although I have installed a ram chip on the DOS card so its faster) and hard drive but you actually install DOS onto a fake partition, even Windows 3.1 and Windows95 will work too but way slow. No video power though still uses the 640k shared video, good enough for old dos games, run's pig butt slow too. I was playing Mechwarrior 2 on it during a test run

Its also my MP3 server, has a 18gb 50pin scsi drive, and i'm working on making the mac part faster so its less of a bottleneck.
09/13/03 04:27 PM

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Use Dosbox.
Why bother with slow down programs when you can have a emulator that replicates an old Dos PC ?
And yes, it runs MechWarrior 1.
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