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06/08/03 09:32 AM

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I'm wanting to paint one of my minis to look like it hasn't been painted is and begining to show signs of rust and wear but I'm not sure how to do this. Any suggestions?

Should I paint it a dull grey as thought the metal was never painted and is rusty? Or try to make it look like some of the paint just wore off?

We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

(I refer you to what Nightward said)
06/09/03 02:08 AM

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I vote for making it look like paints been worn off. Who'd let a valuable piece of equipment go unpainted and rust?

Sponge it!
06/09/03 08:11 AM

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I know I didn't make this clear so let me correct that. I also wanted to know how to make parts look rusty, what paint(s) or mix, if any, have ya'll tried to get that look. Even if it's just a film of rust look and not entire pieces rust.

As to who would have a mech that was rusty: Some poor backwater periphery soldier who's amazed he even has a mech, even though he spends roughly half his time(or more) trying to make it work, and the only ammo he can get, or afford, is for the pistol he carries with him.

We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

(I refer you to what Nightward said)
06/09/03 08:38 AM

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I have negligible mini painting experience, but I will comment on rusty mechs: they certainly do turn up. The cover of Field Manual: Periphery seems to have two rust buckets fighting.

As hard as it is to acquire all the many, many high-tech parts for a mech in the Periphery, and as hard as it is to find someone who can actually maintain a lostech vehicle like a mech, keeping the hull clean and rust-free is definitely low on the priority list.
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06/09/03 02:07 PM

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Paint the model as you would normally. Next, get some silver and paint in the chips that would appear as paint wore off.

In other areas like the feet and places that would have lots of wear and tear just use a mix of rust colour and black and paint it over the raised edges to simulate areas that wore off and got rusty.

You may want to check out old containers or rusty cars to get a feeling of how rust appears on an object.
11/04/03 04:42 AM

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If you want a realistic rust effect, either find a rust color paint, there are some out there, or mix a red with brown. Apply it where ever you feel like, but i suggest in places where rust would be most likely, such as lower legs, especially around the joints. Apply a heavy coat of paint first, then dab it off with a cloth, not so much as to remove all the paint, but enough to give it a good effect of uneveness. ( <----is that even a word?)
Another option, is to paint the mini as you would for "showroom", real nice paint job and all. Then take a very small, very fine piece of sand paper to select spots on the mini (feet, joints, exsaust ports) and then blackwash the mini with the rust color. Maring the mini with an exacto blade and then painting makes for some good damage effects, too.

Hope this helps ya.
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