Alternate Motive Systems (AMS) [Homebrew]

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12/09/03 03:27 AM

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Lol I'd love to see the look on karagins face if he read that, but anyways this isn't about anti-missile systems, it is about putting some nice level 3 wheels on your favorite mech.

Well if you watch anime its not doubt you've seen mechs skiing around on wheels, tracks, hoverskirts, and whatever else was laying around the local garage.
Presented for your consideration a means of creating these odd multiple motive system mechs.

Mechs may mount one of the following as an additional motive system (other than walking):

Mounting said motive system requires all of the critical slots in the mech's legs (8 for quads, 4 for bipeds). A critical hit to any of these disables the system, see critical damage. Also please note this requirement prevents mechs from mounting multiple "alternative motive systems" on one mech.

The motive system weighs the following:
Hovercraft + Hydrofoil: 15% mech weight
Wheeled: 10% of mechs weight rounded up
Tracked: 5% of mechs weight rounded up

The restrictions for these systems are the same as the weight restrictions for the various motive systems of a vehicle, namely:
Tracked: 100 tons or less
Wheeled: 80 tons or less
Hover: 50 tons or less
Hydrofoil: 100 tons or less
*Please note hovercrafts also require a minimum engine weight of 20% the mech's weight or greater, else they will simply sink and be immobile.

Suspension factor bonus:
When using this alternative motive system the mech gains bonus movement as due to suspension factor:
Tracked: Suspension factor of 10
Wheeled: Suspension factor of 25
Hover: Suspension factor depends on weight:
10 tons or less 40 (note normal mech construction no longer allows 10 ton mechs)
11-20: 85
21-30: 130
31-40: 175
41-50: 235
Hydrofoil: Suspension factor depends on weight:
1-10: 60
11-20: 105
21-30: 150
31-40: 195
41-50: 255
51-60: 300
61-70: 345
71-80: 390
81-90: 435
91-100: 480

At the beginning of any turn in which a mech mounting an alternative motive system wants to make use of its specialized movement it must make a piloting skill roll (directly before movement). This roll is modified as normal except for damage to foot or lower leg actuators. If the mech has has either leg destroyed the system is inoperable (note the crits would be crossed off).
When using this special movement the mech must follow all rules of a vehicle of that type, namely:
Tracked: No Heavy Woods
Wheeled: No Rough, Rubble, Woods
Hover: No Woods
Hydrofoil: Water depth of 1+ (this includes at the begining of the movement phase)
If the player fails the piloting skill roll the mech falls and takes damage as usual, and this ends the mechs movement.

Critical Damage:
A mech that was previously using (used the AMS tha turn for movement, or last turn it moved) before it takes a critical is "stuck" in its alternative motive system. The mech may make a piloting skill roll to get back on its feet during the next movement phase. Treat this as an attempt to stand that is penalized by -3, if the pilot fails the mech falls and takes damage. Its next such attempt to stand is made as normal without the penalty.
Note a single critical hit disables the system.
If a hydrofoil or hovercraft has the system "shot off" while over water it falls into the water to the bottom and takes appropriate damage.

Special Rules:
When using the Alternative Motive System treat the mech as if it was only 1 level tall, as apposed to 2.
When using the Alternative Motive System the mech may not carry heavy objects. Note this is left to the GMs discression but generally includes Hand Held Weapons, Makeshift Clubs, and similar items (this isn't meant to prevent minimial weight carried objects such as people in a hand).
An Alterntive Motive System allows mechs to become far more stable, as such while utilizing the system the mech makes rolls to avoid falling with a bonus of +2 (note they still need to roll as mechs for 20+ damage taken, just get a bonus to the roll).
A mech with an Alternative Motive System may choose to continue to operate in the motive system. This means they only need to roll to "change" motive systems, as apposed to every movement phase. This is much like LAMs.
If using most level 3 optional vehicle rules these can be applied to Alternative Motive system mechs, while they are using the system. Examples include turning radiuses, "building speed", hull down, and infantry swarm to control.
Mechs operating in the Alternative Motive System may only make the following physical attacks: Charges, punches, and club attacks. The damage to their target is always done on the kick table. Similarly opposing battlemechs may kick, punch, or club the mech and the damage will always be done on the punch table.

ok lemme know what you think....
I find that 'pinpoint' accuracy during a bombing run increases proportionally with the amount of munitions used.
-Commander Nathaniel Klepper,
Avanti's Angels, 3058
12/09/03 07:26 AM

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This would be a useful tool for simulating any number of anime settings using BT rules, Blue Gender to Heavy Gear.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
12/09/03 03:33 PM

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don't forget you can also use it to put together one of those mechs like that merc logo that spawned so many munchkinny "half mech/half tank" rules.
I find that 'pinpoint' accuracy during a bombing run increases proportionally with the amount of munitions used.
-Commander Nathaniel Klepper,
Avanti's Angels, 3058
12/16/03 06:26 PM

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I like it, one question -- what is the mp for these systems? maybe 1 1/4 for walking and 1 3/4 for running? this would give some reason for using these systems, i don't see why to use them other wise (except to be able to say your mech has them) also if a hip actuator is blown up can it still use the AMS (maybe called ATS alternate Transportation system, so not to confuse it with the anti missile system?) and visa versa? I really like the idea though
"Nothing sends your love like an ER PPC"
--Vicen Korel
12/18/03 12:21 PM

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I'm of the persuassion that if you hip is blown out and you have already been using your alternate motive system, you can keep doing so. Though on the same token you can no longer walk or if you weren't using it \, switch to it. As to the bonuses to movement depends on the type, see the lift factor with vehicles, basically it works that a vehicles engine is (mp x tonnage)-lift = engine rating. This means that if you are mounting one of the forms that provides a large lift factor, such as hovercraft, you can gain a signifigant speed bonus. I called it AMS mainly to get on peoples nerves, if you are planning on using it extensively I'd encourage you to call it whatever you like, I usually call it by its full name.
I find that 'pinpoint' accuracy during a bombing run increases proportionally with the amount of munitions used.
-Commander Nathaniel Klepper,
Avanti's Angels, 3058
12/20/03 05:36 AM

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i think i popsted this in Submissions board under equipment it has yet to be approved
i love this game
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