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03/01/04 02:00 PM

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using an idea I'm borrowing from a documentry I saw, I decided to improve the Ultra Autocannon.

The Fluff:
using a laser to set off the propellent instead of a mechanical hammer seemed like a more logical choice to accomidate the increased fire-rate of the Ultra autocannon. using a computer to time the laser and an advanced feed mechanism, the shells mearly drop into the chamber and are set off within milliseconds by the laser. using Caseless round saves even more time between shots by eliminating the shell ejection step of the fireing. The weapon takes ammunion from 2 clips at once and can even shut off one clip in mid fire in the event of a feed jam.

Game stuff:
The iUltra Autocannon can fire at tripple rate now. in 3X mode, a 3 will jam only one feed mechanism and the autocannon can still fire from the open one or unjam the other. with only 1 feed operational, the iUltra may only fire up to 2X mode. on a 2 roll, both feeds are jammed and must be unjammed separatly. The iUltra autocannon must have 2 ammunition bins assigned to it and caseless ammution must be used to accomidate 3X fireing. The computer fireing mechanism adds a ton and a crit to be placed in the same location but it is a separate crit. if the computer is hit, the autocannon reverts to its basic fire control computer mounted in the autocannon and may now only fire in 1X mode. this upgrade may be added to any Ultra autocannon, IS or Clan.

Final note:
"whats that bluish fuzzy thing on your head?"
-Luciphear to Talis, just before he exploded.

03/02/04 03:06 AM

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Clan gear, IMO, is good enough already due to the range and weight they have. The IS gets Rotaries.

I can't really see any point.
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03/08/04 03:50 AM

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I concur there just doesn't seem to really be a point. After all if you are loking for rotary style firepower for the clans just mount multiple ultra acs, or the super cheese pulse lasers.
I find that 'pinpoint' accuracy during a bombing run increases proportionally with the amount of munitions used.
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