Front Mission 4: the new mech RPG for PS2

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05/21/04 05:39 PM

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I've been playing the demo for Front Mission 4 for about 2 weeks now. Awesome mech rpg with gameplay similar to ff tactics only better weapons like rocket launchers, shotguns, long range rifles, etc. Story line is way detailed too. Plus the battle link sys lets you set up several different attacks/defenses in one shot. I've heard stuff on other boards that might not have a lot of free copies left but I know I saw some at a few game stores around CA so look around for 'em.

Or just wait like I am till June 15th for it to come out.

Anyone else play this yet???
05/21/04 05:54 PM

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Yes it is a pretty good demo, I have been playing it a lot lately. Hopefully the rest of the game will live up to the demo. If you can find it try out Front mission 3 It was pretty good for it's time. I still take it for spin ever so often
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10/14/04 04:36 PM

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I've been playing the full game on my friend's PS2. It's a lot of fun. Cool weapons, interesting story, nice graphics.
11/21/04 04:46 PM

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They're at #4? I remember Front Mission 1. One of the greatest SNES games ever made, to bad the other ones weren't as good.
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12/23/04 03:57 AM

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Its a pretty good game gameplay wise, but I have to say the story is pretty... umm... what's a good word for bad... but moreso?

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12/23/04 05:44 AM

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Its a pretty good game gameplay wise, but I have to say the story is pretty... umm... what's a good word for bad... but moreso?

Its so Capellan Solution? *very evil grin*
12/24/04 06:47 AM

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That's worth a chuckle

No seriously... Research organization from England discovers information that an attack on Germany was from Russia (Zaftra) and brings the evidence to the EU (EC) council, they decide that the attack must have come from the US (UCS) and decide they wanna go to war. The rest of the game consists of your research organization suddenly becoming a top covert ops team sent into various countries, continuing to bring back bucketloads of evidence that Zaftra is responsible, and watching it all be denied. Finally when you convince the council that Zaftra did it, it's by... get this... proving that a plane took off from venezuela and went to Zaftra. Yeah... That's real conclusive... Of course nobody has noticed that all of the attacks have been carried out by robots bearing Zaftra's markings and specific models of robots.... or that part of the civil war in Venezuela is being fought by crazy people with big weapons and russian accents who are... once again, piloting robots with Zaftra's markings and robot models...

Anyways, so when finally the EC decides to go to zaftra to figure out what's going on, they send an army and your research organization... even though specifically its been stated that the organization is NOT a military force, and shouldn't be in combat (officially you're not even allowed to exist anymore, you made the Germans mad too many times and they red-taped your ass...) but that's been forgotten by this point in the game. Now your group of scientists, hackers and retirees must assault a giant fortress wall in order to get into the country, while a couple regiments of british troops hold your flank... But you have to break through quietly, or else Zaftra will notice that a couple thousand troops are busting down their border. Luckily you get through and grab what evidence you need without Zaftra declaring war... oh... and it goes on...
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