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03/25/09 09:45 PM

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Hi Guys

First thing first. I am from Poland - my english is a bit rusty sry for that. I want to show you something that seems that it might work. It isnt beta. It isnt alpha. It is prepreprepre alpha. But first listen to my story :P

A long time ago there was a site - It was a site about Magic the Gathering, author of this site has made a program to play online the magic. It was pretty alive for some years. In 2009 I spotted this program, from curiosity i started to modyficating it after two days of hard modyfication...finally i converted the old program to Battletech Platform. I dont have any programming skills, on last IT lessons i was learnign about microsoft access program and i recognised that Wizard is made based on databese- after some time i managed to convert databeses and scans to Battletech.


Take a look:

After unpacking you probably be like: ,,Och is in i supposed to understand this barbaric lang..." Fear not - i going to help :P


0. Made your screen resolution to 1024x768 - thing will be easer.
1. To run the engine open wizard.exe. You done it? Great!
2. Now were going to apply this cool looking wallpaper. Go to "Narzędzia" - "Zmien Wyglad" Then proceed like on this screen.

The file: Battletech Online\grafa\tla\battletech_akuma_at_factory_by_flyingdebris.jpg

Before you play you have to choose a deck you can made one or loaded deck made by me

3. Great, Now lets made a Deck. For now on i added only Limited Basic Cards:
Go to "Deck" then Press "Nowy Deck" And made some cool deck. Done? Safe it:
"Deck" then "Zapisz" (saving)

3a Go to "Deck" Then choose "Wczytaj" and choose file "Thedeck.dek"

Zapisz - save
Wczytaj - load

4. Creating the game.

In order to play one person have to make server other have to join

Go to INTERNET - IP, PORT , then type unblocked port (e.g 80 if wont work try some other port - Im not really sure this wasnt really tested up to now) And click "Czekaj", game is just created Other player need to go to Internet then press IP, PORT type the port that was made by host, and type ip of the host

You need to have unblocked port. You probably shoud know about it all since its a common knowledge. You know turning off firewalls etc...

Other options in the internet are inactive - since this is a conversion not really new program.

5. In game.

To make a new game press Gra then go to "Nowa Gra"
To draw a card press draw.
To shuffle press "tasuj"
To roll a die press Ctr+I (unfortunely the die is 1-20 i suggest to ignore other resoult than 1-6 when rolling a die)
To end a turn press CTR+E. On the message info you will get "Konczy ture" It a sign that other player can start his turn.

To place a card from hand to play drag it. Press shift and then drag a card in order of putting a card Face-down. To put a card face-down or face-up click Right Mouse Button on the card and then choose "przewroc"

When youre enemy destroyed some card of you stockpile (its called libriary here, BTW scraphead is called greywyard) Press CTR+L. In number place type how many card you need to scrap. Make sure that there is only one (middle one) option active and then click ok. The card will be showed in left menu. Press every single of them using Right Mouse Button - and then choose option "Na greywyard") YOu have to press RMB on the cards name - not in any other places.

That woud be end of writing for today

Edit: Right now i`m looking for a way to translate this one. I found some program to explore the .exe its called restorator so new version will be aired tomorrow with english
Edit2: Im going to sleep. Tomorrow this game will be translated to english For now it is on this stage od devolpment:

Shoud i continue to explain it all ?
You may choose only one
No way!

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08/10/09 01:16 PM

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You have now been elevated to Godhood.

I have been scouring the internet for over 4 months for BTCCG software, or scans. Where the heck did you get the scans?? Do you know where there are hi/medium resolution images of these?

I am d-loading your mod now. Let's see how it works!
12/26/09 11:47 PM

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i just got out my cards from storage, cant wait to try this out!
03/05/12 07:30 PM

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Does anyone have the file they can share? The original link no longer works
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