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04/09/10 11:51 PM

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After reading about aerial-launched Arrow IVs and the possibility of launching Homing missiles from one aerospace hex away (within the ground mapsheet range of the missile), I decided to create a modified version of the design I made in this thread incorporating Arrow IVs.

I am not too sure of the construction rules for Arrow IV on Aerospace units (I don't have Strategic Ops or TechManual the only thing I have is Vehicle Factory) so correct me if anything is glaringly impossible.

Stuka STU-DART (~3062)
100 tons IS Advanced

Movement: 5/8
Engine: 300 XL
Heat Sinks: 15 [30]
Fuel: 10t

Structural Integrity: 10
Armor: 349 (Ferro-Aluminum)
NOS: 80
COC: 19
LWG: 80
RWG: 80
FUS: 50
ENG: 50

TAG [NOS] 0 Heat
ERPPC [RWG] 15 Heat
Arrow IV Launcher [RWG] 10 Heat
ERPPC [LWG] 15 Heat
Arrow IV Launcher [LWG] 10 Heat

Arrow IV Homing Ammo (20) [RWG]
Arrow IV Homing Ammo (20) [LWG]

BV: ??? Cost: ??? Cbills

What this design would do is be on call for artillery/ground support. Once a target is spotted, this would swoop in firing Arrow IVs the turn before it reaches the desired map, and then would fire ERPPCs and TAG if necessary during the pass over the map.

So if this design is allowable, it will replace my unit's Arrow IV Longbow.
04/11/10 04:53 AM

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Let's see, first off Vehicle Factory uses older rule set, that is no longer official for the game, so your really need to either get a copy of Aerotech 2 Revised or the other two Core rule books you say you are missing.

OR better still BUY the Heavy Metal Programs and you will have the up to date rule set to make the mechs and vehicles and aerospace units...The Drawing Board and the Vehicle Factory are out of date and have other errors like not rounding armor correctly even for the rule set they are using. You should invest in the HM products.

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
04/11/10 01:58 PM

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Yeah, there just isn't any up to date software for creating aerospace fighters, so if I did buy anything, it would be HMAero since my unit doesn't employ ground vehicles.

At any rate, I will assume it's possible because it doesn't make sense otherwise. This frees me up to have 3 more of my heavy mechs while doubling my artillery output and streamlining my unit's structure all in one go.
04/12/10 08:26 AM

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Okay, I confirmed it. TacOps lists the availability for Arrow IV artillery, and it clearly states it's available for Aerospace Fighters (as well as other units).

'Tis done, and has officially become my artillery/ground support ASF.
04/12/10 10:59 AM

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Great, now how about building it with the current rule set for aerospace fighters, aka the ones from the core rule books or at least from AT2 Revised...using the old Aerotech rules from the box set makes the fighter non-valid for those who may want to use it in battles out side of their own group etc...

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
04/12/10 05:35 PM

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Hold your horses man. I'm not at that stage yet. Gotta wait for the thing in the mail.
04/13/10 10:52 PM

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I could send you some stuff. I don't mind a bit of piracy here and there
06/08/10 10:13 PM

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Just thought I'd update this since I have HMAero now.

                    AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name: Stuka STU-DART
Tech: Inner Sphere / 3058
Vessel Type: Aerospace Fighter
Rules: Level 2, Custom design
Rules Set: AeroTech2

Mass: 100 tons
Frame: Lycomb 11
Power Plant: GM ATF 300 XL Fusion
Safe Thrust: 5
Maximum Thrust: 8
Armor Type: Ferro-aluminum
1 Garret Mole TAG
1 Guardian Interface Model 2B Guardian ECM
2 Valiant Catapult Arrow IV System
2 Johnston High Speed ER PPC
Manufacturer: Lycomb-Davion IntraTech
Location: New Avalon
Communications System: O/P 9000AT
Class/Model/Name: Stuka STU-DART
Mass: 100 tons

Equipment: Mass
Power Plant: 300 XL Fusion 9.50
Thrust: Safe Thrust: 5
Maximum Thrust: 8
Structural Integrity: 10 .00
Total Heat Sinks: 15 Double 5.00
Fuel: 8.00
Cockpit & Attitude Thrusters: 3.00
Armor Type: Ferro-aluminum (349 total armor pts) 19.50
Standard Scale Armor Pts
Location: L / R
Nose: 100
Left/Right Wings: 85/85
Aft: 79

Weapons and Equipment Loc SRV MRV LRV ERV Heat Mass
1 TAG Nose -- -- -- -- 0 1.00
1 Guardian ECM Nose -- -- -- -- 0 1.50
1 Arrow IV System Nose 20 20 20 20 10 15.00
Ammo (Arrow IV) 20 --- 4.00
1 Arrow IV System Nose 20 20 20 20 10 15.00
Ammo (Arrow IV) 20 --- 4.00
1 ER PPC RW 10 10 10 -- 15 7.00
1 ER PPC LW 10 10 10 -- 15 7.00
1 C.A.S.E. Equipment Body .50
TOTALS: Heat: 50 100.00
Tons Left: .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 17,006,400 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,833
Cost per BV: 9,277.91
Weapon Value: 2,811 (Ratio = 1.53)
Damage Factors: SRV = 25; MRV = 23; LRV = 10; ERV = 1
BattleForce2: MP: 5, Armor/Structure: 9 / 0
Damage PB/M/L: 3/3/4, Overheat: 1
Class: FH; Point Value: 18
Specials: ecm, tag, artA

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