Christoph Nick (Person)

Christoph Nick
Died missing and presumed dead since 2005
Occupation Author, Translator
In-universe persona Christoph Nick

Christoph Nick was a German BattleTech fan, author and freelancer for FanPro. He was apparently also a member of MechForce Germany.

When FASA unexpectedly withdrew from the market and the MechWarrior: Dark Age game started in 2001, Christoph Nick lobbied FanPro—then the German license holder—into acquiring the full license for what was now Classic BattleTech. This led to FanPro creating a second, US-based firm with ex-FASA staff under Line Developer Randall Bills and continuing the line.

On the FanPro Germany side, Christoph Nick continued to work primarily as a translator and fan community manager for FanPro. Randall Bills described him as him as "THE guy pushing BattleTech for FanPro Germany."[1]

On a trip to Peru in mid-2005, avid mountaineer Christoph Nick, having climbed two other mountains shortly before as part of a larger group, went to climb Nevado Salcantay in the Andes alone after his climbing partner Christian Klant became ill. He never returned. A search by a rescue team alerted by Klant failed to find any clues and aborted the search on 30 June 2005; Christoph Nick is missing and presumed dead. He is survived by a wife and son.

The 2018 video game BattleTech by Harebrained Schemes features a tribute to Christoph Nick in the form of a mercenary MechWarrior of the same name and notably similar appearance.[2]

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