MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
Product information
Type Computer game
Development Piranha Games
Publication information
Publisher Piranha Games
First published 10 December 2019
MSRP $49.99USD
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3015 - 3049
Series MechWarrior (video games)
Preceded by MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries

Developed on the back of the Free to Play Online Multiplayer MechWarrior Online, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries (MW5) is a BattleTech-themed single-player simulation developed by Piranha Games. Originally developed as the first single player PC MechWarrior game in seventeen years, PGI would later initiate development for the XBox Series X|S and XBox One consoles, making it the first console BattleTech game since MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf in 2004 and the first console MechWarrior game since 1997's MechWarrior 2: Arcade Combat Edition.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries was originally released for the PC on 10 December 2019 as an Epic Games Store exclusive title, with an enhanced version for PC via Steam and GoG and the XBox consoles scheduled for May 27th 2021.

Teaser Text[edit]

The year is 3015. Humanity has expanded to the stars, colonizing a vast region of space known as the Inner Sphere. Where the Star League once ruled in relative stability, generations of countless wars, alliances, and betrayals have divided the Inner Sphere into five distinct Successor States. These states, also known as the Great Houses, have fought and quarreled for centuries over the remnants of the Star League and control of the Inner Sphere. They are now in the midst of a Third Succession War, one which has been raging for almost 150 years.

While the battlefields of the Inner Sphere burn with an array of devastating weaponry, none is more formidable than the BattleMech. These immense fighting machines, piloted by elite fighters known as MechWarriors, dominate the wars of the future with enough firepower to annihilate entire cities.

In MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries you will adopt the role of a rookie MechWarrior pilot thrust into combat as the Third Succession War continues to fracture the Inner Sphere. Take contracts from the factions of your choosing and engage in tactical, first-person, PvE 'Mech combat through an immersive, career-based Mercenary campaign driven by player choice. Victory, prestige, and profit will not only require skill on the battlefield, but in the acquisition, maintenance, and enhancement of your BattleMechs.



Like the previous entries in MechWarrior series, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is a single player PVE BattleMech simulator game with the player piloting their own 'Mech and commanding the rest of their lance. The game does have the option of co-op play, with three friends of the host able to take the place of the AI pilots and assist the host progress the campaign or play instant action sessions. MechWarrrior 5 features no PVP aspects, with PGI specifically citing during development that PVP is well catered for in MechWarrior Online.

In the single player campaign, the player under takes mercenary contracts to earn C-Bills and salvage and to enhance their Reputation, the higher the Reputation the better the rewards and further into the storyline the player can progress. Contracts take the form of an infinite number of procedurally generated missions, minor side quests with higher rewards and the campaign missions which deal with the progression of the story. The player's unit is primarily employed by the various Great Houses though contracts for other smaller factions such as corporate entities and individuals are also offered on occasion. The player's unit has a Standing with every faction in the game, fighting for a faction gains Standing with them, against resulting in losing Standing, high level of Standing provides bonuses when negotiating with them or using their markets, poor Standing instead results in penalties. Each faction also consists of different units with 'Mechs common in one faction being rarely available if at all in another, reflected in both selection of buyable 'Mechs in their borders as well as the opposition encountered in missions.

Once the tutorial is completed the player has access to the Starmap encompassing the entire Inner Sphere, able to visit any world as they wish allowing for time and cost. Overlaid on the Starmap is regions with red outlines which reflect Conflict Zones where missions can be found, these are most prevalent on the borders between the Great Houses but may also be located in the interior regions. Each Conflict Zone has an indicated Reputation level as a sign of the level of reward and difficulty for the contracts within. Repairs and modifications both take longer and are more costly in these regions, with Conflict Zones also having greatly reduced selection of badly damaged 'Mechs and equipment to purchase and no pilots are available to hire. Outside of Conflict Zones are various industrial hubs, strings of worlds that feature better selections in the Market and pilots as well as less onerous repair times and costs. Worlds with rare items, such as LosTech equipment, a 'Mech uncommon to the faction or even Hero 'Mechs, are highlighted on the Starmap.

When viewing a Contract the player can see who the mission is for and against, weather and terrain, the expected opposition and difficulty. Contracts allow the player the negotiate for an increase on the base contract payout amount, a greater proportion of salvage or higher levels of damage insurance coverage. The base contract reward and the amount of negotiation points available is determined by both their overall Reputation and specific Standing with the faction offering the contract. Aside from the death of Commander Mason which instantly fails the missions, contracts can be aborted but will result in drop in both Standing and Reputation.

Mission types available in MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries are:

Assassination - Assassination missions see the player hired to destroy a specific individual target or a series of targets such as a commander and the rest of his Lance. Such targets generally are highly skilled and feature powerful 'Mechs in good repair compared to both the player and the rest of the defending enemies. Once the required target or targets is defeated, the player must to head to their DropShip for extraction.

Defense - Defense missions see the player and their lance defending a small outpost against multiple waves of attacking enemies, with bonuses offered for preserving as much as the target as possible. Notably even unintentional damage inflicted by the player and his lance also impact the target's health bar. Defense missions conclude as soon as the final wave is defeated.

Demolition - The flip-side of Defense, Demolition missions see the player hired to destroy a base complex, normally defended by a mixture of 'Mechs and vehicles. Once the target's building and structures have been demolished the player must head towards their DropShip for extraction.

Raid - Raid missions see the player tasked with destroying specific structures such as fuel tanks or sensor towers located in small bases spread across the map. Each location will feature its own defense forces tasked purely to that target, once all the raid targets are destroyed the player can head to towards the DropShip for extraction.

Warzone - Warzone missions see the player hired to head to a specific nav point and destroy as many enemy targets as possible, encountering infinite waves of enemies, each successive wave stronger than the last. Once the required number of enemies have been defeated the player is free to head to their DropShip for extraction, but they can stay to continue destroying targets to earn bonus money at the risk of suffering increasing damage.

Multiple Mission Operation - Special contracts that require you to complete more than one of the mission types listed above consecutively in the same system, without the ability to wait and heal injured pilots or repair damaged 'Mechs, though this can be mitigated by maintaining a roster of both additional 'Mechs and pilots. While difficult, such contracts offer dramatic increases on both Reputation and Stranding gain with the faction offering the contract as well a cash bonus. Aborting any mission will fail the contract outright and impose a severe Reputation and Standing penalty.

High Reward Quest - Pre-scripted contracts based off the missions listed above, occasionally single missions but often multiple contracts, unlike Multiple Mission Operations these contracts do not need to be completed consecutively and generally will take place across multiple systems. Aside from increased C-Bill and Reputation rewards compared to standard contracts, many will additionally offer specific items such as large volume of equipment, rare items, pristine 'Mechs or even highly skilled pilots upon completion.

Campaign Mission - One-shot missions that specifically advance the story, while superficially resembling the standard missions they can they are entirely pre-scripted with enhanced and often unique map layouts, with much more difficulty opposition to defeat. Unlike standard contracts Campaign missions cannot be aborted, attempting to do so results in game over.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The player takes the role of "Commander Mason", the only son of Nikolai Mason, commanding officer of Nik's Cavaliers, a small mercenary outfit whose home base is on the Federated Suns world of De Berry circa 3015. Having come of age and taking a rebuilt Centurion through its paces with his father, this training mission is interrupted by a surprise attack by a mysterious mercenary unit demanding information from Nikolai. Refusing to divulge the coordinates they seek, Nikolai orders his son to return to base and flee aboard the unit's Leopard-class DropShip, sacrificing his life to ensure their escape.

Reduced to just two Mechs, Mason and the survivors of the Cavaliers (Operations Officer Ryana Campbell and Chief Tech Fahad Arazad) reach out to Sebastian Spears, a high level agent of Interstellar Expeditions and a long-term friend of his father who provides assistance in escaping the system. Armed with a reused mercenary registration number to mask their origins, Commander Mason must rebuild his command to locate and defeat his enemies and avenge his father, as well as uncover the secret his father took to his grave.

As Mason completes contracts over time, Nik's Cavaliers' reputation grows and they build up a lance of progressively stronger Mechs with veteran pilots. After leaving Federated Suns-controlled space for the Capellan Confederation and Free Worlds League in search of leads, they discover the name of their enemy, the Black Inferno whose strikes in the region has spawned a wave of refugee migrations. With Spears' aid Ryana deduces that Black Inferno raids are all against locations rumored of holding undiscovered LosTech, forcibly ejecting the local inhabitants to allow them to secretly extract it.

Now taking the fight to Black Inferno and the man who killed his father, Andreas Kane, Mason's early successes lead to overconfidence that results in the Cavaliers walking into a trap on Cavanaugh. Barely surviving the ambush, Ryana is able to intercept a transmission between Kane and his lieutenant which reveals the Black Inferno's home base is on Xinyang and that their secret benefactor is in fact Precentor Kenzo Yamata, a highly ranked member of ComStar's intelligence agency ROM. With Interstellar Expeditions antagonistic with ComStar, Spears' willingness to assist defeat Black Inferno increases.

Defeating Inferno member Zavarov to reclaim Nikolai's Victor while raiding an Inferno repair and refit base on Eaton, Fahad discovers that the sought after coordinates were hidden in Mason's father's 'Mech all along. While Ryana works on deciphering the three sets of heavily encrypted coordinates, Spears approaches Mason with an offer of partnership to assist in pushing back about the influence of ComStar, providing the Cavaliers with the location a rogue mercenary unit sitting on a treasure-trove of advanced weaponry they can take.

With assaults 'Mechs, advanced weaponry and Spears' assistance, the Cavaliers are finally ready to put an end to the Black Inferno, launching an attack against their home base on Xinyang. Razing the Inferno base to the ground, the Cavaliers confront Inferno and ComStar forces until Kane emerges with his King Crab to try and stop them. Though Mason is able to kill Kane, Yamata uses the distraction to escape. Searching through the ruins, the Cavaliers and Spears discover that ComStar has been using a Star League Defense Force map found in a flooded Castle Brian on Xinyang as a guide to recover hidden Star League caches with Black Inferno's help, and that ComStar's interest in Nikolai's coordinates was to fill deliberately destroyed gaps in that map.

Eventually breaking the encryption on the first set of coordinates, the Cavaliers discover that they point to HD-276914, a reportedly uncolonized world in uncharted coreward Periphery on the outskirts of Draconis Combine space. Arriving there they find an extensive ComStar stellar research facility and that even without the coordinates Yamata and the ComStar Explorer Corps are searching the region system by system to pick up the trail. Striking a ComStar communications hub to slow down their efforts, IE assistance allows Ryana to crack the second set of coordinates which lead to HD-389202, another supposedly uncharted system that is found to be the site of a massive and long abandoned Star League spaceport, but that ComStar has only just beaten them there.

Personally confronted by Yamata in an Annihilator seeking to deal with the Cavaliers once and for all, after Mason succeeds in defeating him Fahad reveals that Nikolai's Victor is sending a signal to a secret 'Mech bay nearby which opens to reveal a pristine Nightstar, a 'Mech unseen in centuries. Through an audio log in the Nightstar, the Cavaliers realize that the immensely powerful 'Mech belonged to Nikolai, who hid it decades ago after recognizing it would complicate his planned infiltration of the Inner Sphere.

Reaching the final set of coordinates this time ahead of ComStar, Nik's Cavaliers and Interstellar Expeditions are confronted by a huge derelict Star League era JumpShip in orbit of HD-438297. Landing to search for answers, the Cavaliers find a massive underground SLDF base emblazoned with an unknown insigina and filled with a treasure-trove of LosTech 'Mechs and a memory core, just as ComStar arrives via a Pirate Point, dropping Lance after Lance of Assault 'Mechs to destroy them. Mason and the Cavaliers successfully hold off ComStar long enough for Ryana to copy and wipe the memory core to deny ComStar the greatest prize before they flee.

Taking stock of the situation, the Cavaliers realize that Nikolai Mason was probably a descendant of General Aleksandr Kerensky's long departed Exodus fleet, who travelled to the Inner Sphere on an intelligence gathering mission ahead of their possible return, only for his arrival to be detected by ComStar despite his efforts to obscure it. With the contents of the memory core requiring many years to decipher, Mason agrees to turn it over to an eager and grateful Spears, trusting that unlike ComStar, Interstellar Expeditions will use it for the betterment of the Inner Sphere. Now that has been all sorted and noting that they are not super rich yet, Mason directs Ryana to line up new contracts for the unit while Fahad resumes his trademark grumbling as the credits begin to roll.

Original Trailer[edit]

In 2015, Smith and Tinker released a gameplay trailer for MechWarrior 5, featuring combat in 3015 on the planet Deshler. It is not known if any elements featured in the trailer will be included in MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. (Transcript)

On December 2nd, 2018, a third trailer was shown at Mech_Con for Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries.

"We've taken you as far as we can. Death comes for us all, but for you; not today. High among the stars, rebuild and avenge us!"
- Voice from the trailer.

Featured BattleMechs[edit]

The BattleMechs available purchase and play within MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is based off those developed by PGI for MechWarrior Online, utilizing the same models with enhancements in visual quality and damage maps. With a number of 'Mechs teased in videos and images during development, the final roster was announced on November 23rd 2019 revealing of a number of classic 'Mechs and variants as well as the inclusion of a number of PGI's own Hero 'Mechs from MWO. [3]

'Mechs listed with Asterisk * below denotes a Download Content-Only 'Mech rather than one included in the base game.





  • Annihilator (100t) - ANH-1A, ANH-1E, ANH-1X, ANH-2A
  • Atlas (100t) - AS7-D, AS7-K, AS7-RS, AS7-KR Kraken, AS7-BH Boars Head
  • Awesome (80t) - AWS-8Q, AWS-8R, AWS-8T, AWS-8V, AWS-9M, AWS-PB Pretty Baby
  • Banshee (95t) BNC-3E, BNC-3M, BNC-3S, BNC-LM, BNC-SR Siren
  • BattleMaster (85t) - BLR-1D, BLR-1G, BLR-1S, BLR-3M, BLR-1GHE HellSlinger
  • Charger *
  • Corsair *
  • Cyclops (90t) - CP-10-Q, CP-10-Z, CP-11-A, CP-S Sleipnir
  • Hatamoto-Chi *
  • Highlander (90t) - HGN-732, HGN-732B, HGN-733, HGN-733C, HGN-733P, HGN-HM Heavy Metal
  • King Crab (100t) - KGC-0000, KGC-000, KGC-000B, KGC-KJ Keiju
  • Marauder II *
  • Mauler (90t) - MAL-1P, MAL-1R, MAL-2P, MAL-MX90, MAL-K0 Knockout
  • Nightstar (95t) - NSR-9J
  • Stalker (85t) - STK-3F, STK-3H, STK-4N, STK-M Misery
  • Victor (80t) - VTR-9A1, VTR-9B, VTR-9K, VTR-9S, VTR-DS Dragon Slayer
  • Zeus (80t) - ZEU-5S, ZEU-6S, ZEU-6T, ZEU-9S

Featured Vehicles[edit]

Featured Dropships and Jumpships[edit]



Featured Locations[edit]

This list is intended to feature the star systems involved in the games main story campaign.

Featured Characters[edit]

Community Editions and Preorders[edit]

Prior to signing with Epic Games, Piranha Games offered preorders for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries from the MW5 website. Running from 1st January 2019 to 30th April 2019, these three Community Editions were primary focused on existing MechWarrior Online players and included steadily increasing volume of MWO content. As extra incentive to MWO Founders, the amount of MC provided at each tier was doubled. Towards the end of the Community Preorder as an extra incentive PGI offered additional MWO 'Mechs, pre-order before April 9th received the CPLT-C2 (S) Catapult, WHM-9D (S) Warhammer, MAD- 9M (S) Marauder, KGC-001 (S) King Crab, before received April 16th received the WHM-9D (S), MAD- 9M (S), KGC-001 (S), before April 23rd received the MAD- 9M (S), KGC-001 (S) and before April 30th to receive the KGC-001 (S).

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - Privateer Standard Edition ($49.99USD)[edit]

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Content

  • Digital copy of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Digital Game Manual
  • "Instant Action" Closed Beta/Demo Access with Co-Op support
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Access to the Official MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Discord Server for discussion, MW5 mod making and bi-monthly AMAs with PGI

MechWarrior Online Content

  • Marauder II Standard Edition Pre-Order Pack
  • 12,000 MC - Founders received 24,000 MC
  • 30 days Active MWO Premium Time
  • 72,800 GXP & 4.1 Million C-Bills
  • MW5-themed Title, Badge, Decal, Cockpit standing Item, Warhorn item, Hanging Cockpit Item

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - Warrior Collector's Community Edition ($79.99USD)[edit]

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Content Same content as Standard Edition plus:

  • Exclusive MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries "Chloe's Cavaliers" Legendary Pattern
  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Desktop Pack

MechWarrior Online Content

  • Marauder II Collector's Edition Pre-Order Pack
  • 20,000 MC - Founders received 40,000 MC
  • 60 days Active MWO Premium Time
  • 145,600 GXP & 8.2 Million C-Bills
  • 2 MW5-themed Titles, Badges, Decals, Cockpit standing Items, Warhorn items, Hanging Cockpit Items

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - Mercenary Ultimate Community Edition ($119.99USD)[edit]

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Content Same content as Collector's Edition plus:

MechWarrior Online Content

  • Marauder II Ultimate Edition Pre-Order Pack
  • 30,000 MC - Founders received 60,000 MC
  • 90 days Active MWO Premium Time
  • 291,200 GXP & 16.4 Million C-Bills
  • 3 MW5-themed Titles, Badges, Decals and 9 Cockpit Standing Items, Warhorn items and Hanging Cockpit Items

After conclusion of the Community Edition preorder and becoming an Epic Games Store exclusive title, two pre-order options were offered, providing exclusively MW5 content only.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - Standard Edition ($49.99USD)[edit]

  • Digital copy of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Digital Game Manual

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - Deluxe Edition ($59.99USD)[edit]

  • Digital copy of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Digital Game Manual
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Desktop Pack

MechWarrior 5: Heroes of the Inner Sphere Expansion Pack[edit]

Officially announced on 16 April 2020, Heroes of the Inner Sphere is the first DLC for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. The release date of the game's DLC has repeatedly slipped, originally being forecast for release in April 2020 immediately following the game's initial release in December 2019[2] before receiving a 10 December 2020 release date[3] and eventually Spring 2021 following the announcement of the Xbox versions.[4]

Heroes of the Inner Sphere is set to expand upon base game by introducing new mission types (beachhead, destroy artillery, destroy satellite uplink, capture enemy garrison) an a new extrasolar moon biome. The DLC is also set to introduce a new career mode allowing the player to serve as a member of the Great House militaries, as well as skilltrees to offer increasing pilot specialization and 'Mech quests to earn unique rewards. New warzones and industrial hubs will be offered along with new technology (Chemical Lasers short burst lasers, Stream SRMs, BAP, 'Mech Rifles, ECM and MASC) and seven new 'Mech types (Charger, Hatamoto-Chi, Champion, Marauder II, Dervish, Corsair, Vulcan)[3]



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