Duncan Fisher

Duncan Fisher
(Image non-canon/fanon)
Duncan Fisher (Image non-canon/fanon)
AffiliationSolaris Broadcasting Corporation
ProfessionSolaris Games Announcer

Duncan Fisher was a Solaris Games presenter in the 3060s.


In Duncan's younger days he was an up-and-coming 'Mech pilot competing in the medium-weight class competition.[citation needed]

As of ca. 3066,[1] Duncan Fisher was already an established announcer in the Solaris Games on Solaris VII. He covered the feats of the mercenary MechWarrior "Spectre" in the arenas, namely in The Jungle, The Factory, and the Steiner Coliseum.


Appearing only in publications that do not meet the current criteria for Canon in the BattleTech universe and are thus considered apocryphal (or otherwise outright noncanon), the character Duncan Fisher must be considered apocryphal as well at this time.

Note that this only covers his voiceover in the game. Any additional fan-made ("fanon") information about Duncan Fisher (including his backstory and visual depiction) was never published in any official capacity, and is therefore entirely noncanonical fan fiction.

Behind The Scenes[edit]

The character's game dialogue lines were written by Eric Baudoin (aka Ferret Baudoin)[2] and brought to life by voice actor George Ledoux out of a bare-bones concept that he was given to work with for the Solaris Games portion of the MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries computer game.

The character apparently struck a chord with players and gained tremendous popularity. It took on a life of its own in the fashion of a BattleTech meme among the BattleTech player community, to the point where players lobbied Harebrained Schemes to hire George Ledoux as a voice actor for the upcoming BattleTech video game they had under development (even though the game's setting and timeframe precluded an appearance of the Duncan Fisher character proper).
George Ledoux reprised the role of Duncan Fisher for the MechWarrior: Living Legends fan project and a promotional video for Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech video game crowdfunding campaign, the teaser trailer for the MechWarrior Online Solaris expansion alongside the canonical Lars Olafson, the promotional video for BattleTech: Essentials, and others.


  1. Duncan Fisher at one point refers to Theodore Gross's championship fight in 3062 as a past event that he had witnessed, and in 3068 the Solaris Games were subverted by the Word of Blake during their occupation of the planet in the Jihad; this establishes a timeframe between 3063 and 3068. However, "Spectre" does not match any of the canonically established champions from the 3060s period. Within the MechWarrior IV game, the Solaris VII campaign is tentatively set in 3066; however, many conflicts that serve as backdrop for the game fall outside its purported 3066/3067 timeline in accepted BattleTech canon.
  2. According to a eulogy for Ferret Baudoin by voice actor George Ledoux; see Sarna News for October 2022