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  • January 17th: Word of Blake gains control of Terra's Titan Shipyards.
  • January: Focht War College revives the Star League Defense Force's Gunslinger Program.
  • July: Mjolnir-class LAS Yggdrasil enters service.
  • August 6th: Trinity Alliance formed.
  • November 16th: FedCom Civil War begins on Kathil.
  • December 22nd: The Draconis March invades the Draconis Combine.
  • Victor Steiner-Davion resigns as Commanding-General of the Star League Defense Force and temporarily steps aside as Precentor Martial of the Com Guards to take command of forces opposing his sister in the FedCom Civil War.
  • Hohiro Kurita becomes Commanding-General and Gavin Dow is appointed Precentor Martial Pro-Tem
  • Draconis Combine annexes the Lyons Thumb.


  • April 14th: Isis Marik leaves the Capellan Confederation.
  • August 21st: Minoru Nova Cat becomes Loremaster of Clan Nova Cat.
  • November 2nd: Coyote Khan Sullivan Koga is killed on Huntress.
  • November 7th: saKhan Silas Kufahl becomes Khan of the Coyotes.
  • November 23rd: Tai-sho Teyasu Ashora, Warlord of the Pesht Military District, is killed on Schuyler.
  • November 28th Eric Dresari is executed.
  • December 6th: Arthur Steiner-Davion is believed to be assassinated on Robinson, although no body is found.
  • Lucas Beckett becomes Grand Knight of the Brotherhood of Randis.