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  • St. Ives 2nd Janissaries become operational, begin the tour of St. Ives Compact.
  • February 19th: Battle of Huntress begins with the covert insertion of DEST teams into the Huntress system.
  • April 9th: Battle of Huntress ends with the landfall of reinforcements from Operation BULLDOG.
  • April 23rd: Great Refusal fought on Strana Mechty. The Inner Sphere is victorious, ending the Clan Invasion.
  • September: The Ghost Bear Fifty-fourth Provisional Garrison Cluster defeats an attack on Thule from a regiment-sized pirate force.
  • November 12th: St. Ives Compact's Blackwind Lancers assault the Confederation world Hustaing.
  • Clan Diamond Shark launches a successful Trial of Possession for the entire of Vinton in the wake of the Great Refusal.
  • Clan Cloud Cobra attacks and captures the Clan Nova Cat holdings on Brim in the wake of the Great Refusal.
  • Clan Diamond Shark captures a former Clan Smoke Jaguar ferro-fibrous armor manufacturing enclave on Brim, only for the enclave to be destroyed when a nearby Trial of Possession between Clan Goliath Scorpion and Clan Snow Raven spills over into the enclave.




  • Lyran Alliance introduces the BattleMech Claw.
  • Federated Suns starts production of Mechanical Jump Boosters.
  • Draconis Combine introduces the PPC Capacitor.
  • The Inner Sphere model of the Ultra Autocannon/20 is unveiled almost simultaneously by the Lyran Alliance and Free Worlds League.
  • Clan Cloud Cobra introduces VTOL Equipment.
  • Clan Coyote finishes development of the Advanced Tactical Missile System ATM 3.
  • Clan Coyote finishes development of the ATM 6.
  • Clan Coyote finishes development of the ATM 9.
  • Clan Coyote finishes development of the ATM 12
  • Clan Diamond Shark and Clan Nova Cat field the Shadow Hawk IIC 4 BattleMech variant for their second-line forces.
  • Clan Diamond Shark fields the Ha Otoko BattleMech.
  • Clan Fire Mandrill introduced the Predator BattleMech.
  • Clan Smoke Jaguar creates the Light Machine Gun.
  • Clan Smoke Jaguar creates the ER Micro Laser.
  • Clan Smoke Jaguar creates the Micro Pulse Laser.
  • Clan Smoke Jaguar develop the Minotaur ProtoMech.
  • Eagle-class Frigate enters service with the Free Worlds League.
  • The Thera-class Carrier enters service in the Free Worlds League.
  • The Triton Missile Submarine enters service of the Draconis Combine on Jeanette.
  • Gutierrez Aerospace start production of the Meteor-G Heavy Strike Fighter.
  • The AXM-3S Axman BattleMech variant is introduced.
  • The Fire Scorpion 2 'Mech variant is introduced.
  • The Stalking Spider 2 variant is introduced.
  • Meridian Manufacturing is founded on New St. Andrews.
  • The Lyran Alliance begins production of the Fenrir battle armor.
  • Clan Star Adder begins production of the Corona.
  • The Bishamon BattleMech is introduced.
  • Clan Star Adder introduces the Blood Asp BattleMech.
  • The Cobra BattleMech is introduced by Defiance Industries.
  • The Pompier GM-3HT FireMech variant begins production for commercial and governmental sales.
  • Achernar BattleMechs begins product of the HCL-1 Heavy Lifter CargoMech.
  • The Cossack BattleMech is introduced by the St. Ives Compact.
  • The Cronus BattleMech is introduced.
  • Yakima Enterprises introduces the updated variant of the Dragonstar Assault Transport for service in the Draconis Combine.
  • The Draconis Combine creates a new updated variant of the Gaajian‎-Class DropShip.
  • Earthwerks Incorporated developed the Hesiod Utility Vehicle.