Gaajian System Patrol Boat
Production information
Manufacturer Draconis Combine
Production Year 2485
Use Patrol Ship,
Escort Ship,
Law Enforcement,
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 1,500 tons
Structural Integrity 25
Length 70 meters
Width 49 meters
Height 49 meters
Drive System Fusion
Safe Thrust 4
Max Thrust 6
Fuel (tons) 100
Fuel (days) 1.84
Armor Nose: 208
Sides: 108
Aft: 172
Crew Total: 64
  • 2 Officer
  • 4 Enlisted
  • 10 Bay Personnel
  • 6 Gunners
  • 42 Marines
Passengers None
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0/4
Heat Sinks 68
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) 3,351[1]


The Gaajian is a small Military DropShip which has been used by the Draconis Combine since before its formation as a nation. Designed originally for the Alliance of Galedon, the Gaajian was intended as an armed escort vessel for merchant traffic in star systems which were part of the Alliance. The design would remain in service with the Combine after its formation and has continued to perform its designed function for centuries almost unchanged.

Typically the ship would safeguard merchant vessels transferring between space stations, JumpShips, and orbital facilities from pirates and other intruders. Among its duties would be alerting planetary authorities of an invasion, while also enforcing the laws of the Combine on merchants. Its sensor array can assist ground elements from orbit, giving them a tactical advantage over an opposing force. Some of these ships have served the DCA for centuries, giving them long memorable histories. Crews of these ships traditionally record their ship's histories in the form of painted color murals decorating the ship's interior spaces.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

As a system patrol boat, the Gaajian design was built for multiple tasks. While not the fastest ship in the Combine's inventory of DropShips, the ship is swift enough to catch typical slow-moving merchant vessels. The ship's sensors are one of the key components to the design's success. The Gaajian is fitted with a look-down radar and Hi-Res Imager which can be used in orbit to help friendly forces on the ground to pin down enemy forces on the planet and feed data to friendly commanders, giving them an edge in a battle.

In the role of escort, the ship is armed modestly with an array of energy based weaponry. A battery of PPCs, medium lasers, and small lasers are mounted in the nose. Meanwhile, the forward side arcs are fitted with a paired large and medium lasers, while the aft facing sides only consist of a pair of mediums. The aft portion of the ship is armed with pairs of large and medium lasers, with four small lasers rounding out the ship's weaponry as part of its point defenses. The ship is protected with 43.5 ton of standard armor, giving it adequate protection for its anti-piracy role.

Should an inspection or boarding action be needed, the ship's complement of forty-two marines can be dispatched by small craft to the target vessel. Typically, Gaajians are assigned a pair of Dragonstar small craft for these actions.[3]


  • Gaajian System Patrol Boat (3060) 
    With the advent of new technologies becoming available in the middle of the thirty-first century, the Gaajian design was updated. Introduced in 3060, a slightly truncated vessel emerged from the shipyards. Its dimensions were reduced to 59 meters in height, width, and length. Its standard PPCs and medium lasers have been exchanged for extended-range models, while the large lasers have been changed out for heavier pulse versions. Point defense had been enhanced by exchanging the small lasers for a single anti-missile system mounted in each side. To handle heat, the ship's single heat sinks have been changed out for 54 double-strength models. These changes have allowed for the cargo space to increase to 111 tons. Finally, the ship's marine complement has been adjusted to accommodate 21 marine troopers and twelve battle armor troopers. BV (2.0) = 3,592[4]


  • Bay 1 - Small Craft Cubicle (2) - 2 Door
  • Bay 2 - Cargo (95 tons) - 1 Door


  • As of this writing, the Gaajian does not have a listing in the Master Unit List.


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