Alliance of Galedon

Alliance of Galedon
State Profile
Founding Year 2302[1]
Dissolution year: 2319[citation needed]
Capital world: Galedon[1]
Controlled system(s): approx. 30
Head of State Director[1]


The Alliance of Galedon was the brainchild of Shiro Kurita.

In March of 2302, Shiro Kurita negotiated a mutual defense pact between his planet, New Samarkand, and Galedon V, aimed at the Ozawa Mercantile Association, the dominant economic power in the region. As the director of the newly formed Alliance of Galedon. In November 2303 Shiro Kurita orders all Ozawa Mercantile Association facilities bombed.

Kurita had a few months later crushed the OMA. The following month, Shiro's army carried out the first full-scale interstellar invasion in history when troops from New Samarkand and Galedon V invaded the planet Sverdlovsk. Over the next six years, the Alliance of Galedon expanded through a combination of diplomacy and war, until by early 2309 Shiro Kurita felt powerful enough to assume single-handed rule over his new empire.

Over the following year, Shiro undertook a diplomatic voyage that encompassed several major colony worlds. By June 2310, the Alliance had grown to include over thirty inhabited worlds. Many of these planets had been brought into the Alliance through secret agreements that promised Kurita's support against their enemies – which often included other new members of the Alliance. When, in June 2311, two of these worlds, Dieron and Altair, nearly went to war with one another, the truth behind Shiro Kurita's achievements became known. Some of the worlds under his control resented the methods he had used to unite them and their leaders spoke out against Kurita. Most, however, just accepted his rule without dispute.

To quell dissent, Shiro Kurita called for a conference to be held on New Samarkand in September 2311, to which he invited over one thousand politicians and other leaders from the entire northeast quadrant of human-settled space. Addressing the delegates, Kurita made an impassioned plea for cooperation between all their worlds under his leadership, holding their attention while his brother Urizen Kurita, commander of the Alliance's armies, surrounded the building with loyal troops. After his speech, Shiro offered the delegates a choice: submit to his leadership or die. Less than half of the delegates returned home safely from what became known as the Council of One.

In the aftermath of the Council of One, Shiro and Urizen Kurita ordered the invasions of Benjamin, Asgard, and Telos IV.

  • From September 2311 to April 2312, the Battle of Telos IV took place. After a full week of some of the heaviest fighting for Telos IV, on the outskirts of Telos' capital city of Triumph, the Telos Militia's heavier guns ran out of ammunition. Behind devastating barrages of armored vehicle and artillery fire, Galedon troops stormed into the capital, overrunning Telos' last stronghold and killing any defender that managed to survive the artillery and tank shelling.
  • From September 2311 to August 2312, the Battle of Asgard took place. Alliance of Galedon troops knew of Asgard's reliance upon its air power for defense. Within four days, the invaders' overwhelming force had destroyed all three wings of Asgard's atmospheric fighters. VTOL gunships flew over the capital of Vernan City, brutally enforcing a curfew. Any civilian vehicles caught moving were pounced upon and destroyed by rockets or ripped up by heavy machine gun fire. Many locals formed guerrilla groups, destroying a few AoG armored vehicles, to which the response was swift and destructive, destroying water treatment facilities and other public service facilities not used by the occupiers. Groups of suspected resistance fighters were lined up in city streets and shot. AoG forces randomly bombed and strafed six other outlying towns, not bothering with strategic strikes. Most refugees trying to flee the towns by crossing bridges met their fates when AoG snipers picked them off one by one or the bridges were blown up by VTOL gunships or rigged with preset explosives, just waiting for a large grouping to pass over.
  • From September 2311 to October 2312, the Battle of Benjamin took place. The AoG troops surrounded the capital of Deber City on three sides with a large number of infantry, backed by a few armored vehicles and artillery guns. In four days of fighting, the Benjamin Militia was bottle necked into the only opening the attackers left open, a narrow pass through the Striker Mountains. Thinking the AoG did not know of the path, the defending militia hurriedly made their way through. Near the exit point, their morale was shattered when they realized an entire heavy armored vehicle battalion was waiting for them.

By October 2312, after brutal campaigns of conquest, all three worlds had fallen to Kurita's armies.

During the next seven years, only a handful of worlds offered ineffective resistance to Urizen Kurita's battle-hardened armies as other planets peacefully submitted to the Alliance.

By November 2319, Shiro Kurita controlled an empire stretching from Terra to the Draconis Rift. He dissolved the Alliance of Galedon and proclaimed the formation of the Draconis Combine in its stead.[2][3][4][5]

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