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Example: Hanse Davion was disappointed that his son Victor expressed no interest in becoming a deep-sea explorer.[citation needed]

The "citation needed" link you just followed was placed there because somebody feels that the preceding statement needs an inline citation. This may be due to the dubious nature of the statement (as in the above example) or because the statement is important enough to merit a direct citation. If you find a source for the statement, please create a reference for it.

How to cite sources[edit]

Verifiability is one of BattleTechWiki's most fundamental policies:

  • The Canon policy explains what constitutes a reliable source for BattleTechWiki
  • The References help-page demonstrates how to properly cite sources for an article

How to produce the "citation needed" flag[edit]

  • copy {{citation needed}} or {{cn}} immediately after the statement or paragraph needing a source cited
  • placing the current date within the code (ex: {{cn|January 2011}}) allows editors doing verfiability work to quickly determine how long a source has gone unsourced. (The date will not show on the article, but only in the code).