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You can usually find more information about why the article was tagged:

  • At the top of the article itself (the {{cleanup}} tag now requires a "reason" parameter).
  • The article's talk page.
  • Possibly on BattleTechWiki:Cleanup if the article has been dual-listed.

If you're unsure why the tag is there, the best thing to do is to ask on the article's talk page and ping the editor who added the tag (who can be found by checking the "View history" tab). If there is a dispute or if an expert opinion is needed, you can also ask for consensus. If you're sure the article has been cleaned up, addressing any obvious flaws as well as any specific problems mentioned on the talk page, feel free to remove the tag. There's not much harm in leaving it on if you aren't certain what to do; the tag will alert someone else to come by later and check up on the article.

For more specific needs or for help on deciding when and how to tag, see BattleTechWiki:Cleanup.

Articles in the monthly subcategories are tagged e.g. {{Cleanup|date=April 2024}}.

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