Evan Blackford

Evan Blackford
Character Profile
Died 3151
Affiliation Gray Gunny Lancers
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Profession MechWarrior

Evan Blackford was the founding leader of Gray Gunny Lancers.


Evan Blackford was a industrial-equipment engineer than decided to create a mercenary unit in the Dark Age Era. The initially modest Gray Gunny Lancers, created in 3132, right before the Blackout, signed a contract to protect an unknown planet, but there they uncovered a top secret weapons research facility operated by Bannson Universal Unlimited, containing highly volatile Word of Blake technology. Despite being inoperable, it could have birthed a gross imbalance in the battlefields across the Inner Sphere. Knowing that will made them targets of Jacob Bannson, he signed a permanent contract with the Republic of the Sphere Knight Janella Lakewood. Evan led the unit for most than a decade and half, until the Battle of Terra. There, when the Lancers attacked the Clan Wolf forces in Alaska, to save Hansen's Roughriders, he downed easily a Star Captain and her aide, and later faced a Wolf Stormwolf which proved to be a formidable pilot. After a terrible duel, Evan attempted to kill him with a Death From Above attack, but a dozen of SRM of the Wolf tore through his torso and cockpit, killing him. Evan's death signaled the end of the battle, and both mercenary units escaped right after. It was later known than Blackford had orquestated the engagement and withdrawal of both units, but refused to retreat himself. Some Lancers captive believed than he wanted a death in combat from a worthy opponent, and his enemy granted his wish, as it wasn't other than the Wolves Khan, Alaric Ward.[1]


Evan's last 'Mech was an Grand Summoner OmniMech.[2]


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