Jacob Bannson

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Jacob Bannson
Affiliation Bannson Universal Unlimited
Spouse Ki-Linn Liao

Jacob Bannson (born 30??) is the richest man in The Republic of the Sphere. His economic success should have gained him the status of Knight, but it is because of his nature of never being satisfied with what he has that has kept him from being knighted. He will not be happy until he is at the top of the food chain - as Exarch of The Republic.[1]



Bannson is a short, stocky man with green eyes, red hair and a bristly beard.[2]

Dark Age[edit]

There is some speculation that he is the reason behind the HPG network to have gone down. He is the only known person within the Inner Sphere to have the financial ability to hit 80% of the generators at once. However, those speculations are easily squashed since he would no longer have the ability to communicate to each of his companies. He wants control, but to give it up to hurt The Republic is not in line with his method of operation.[2]

Jacob Bannson has the capabilities to produce BattleMechs and other weapons of war. Since the fall of the network he has been producing more than what is allowed in The Republic and been hiring mercenaries to pilot these weapons. Some think that Bannson is doing this to maintain control of what he owns. Others, Republic Knights included, believe that this is a ploy for him to consolidate power in Prefecture IV and create his own empire.[2]


Rumors suggest Bannson wants to begin his own "Great House" or state.[3]

Bannson was born on St. Andre to a family of modest means. His parents owned a small business on the verge of bankruptcy that he quickly turned around. He soon dominated his competition and bought up many of them.[4]


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