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  • Pirates suspected of being disguised CCAF assets raid Shiro III in the Duchy of Andurien but are forced to retreat by the local militia.
  • The Howler Monkeys successfully defend Mansu-ri‎‎ from the Fourth Andurien Cavalry until reinforcements from the Protectorate arrive and ejects from the Andurien forces from the planet.


  • Warrior House offensive begins.
  • The Capellan March Militia places a large order for Rondel aerospace fighters with Greenock Aero Manufacturing, Ltd.



  • Clan Sea Fox introduces the Cardinal Transport.
  • Michaelson Heavy Industries and Victory Conditions Industries introduces the Hawk Moth II Gunship.
  • Clan Sea Fox begins joint production with Republic of the Sphere of the renamed Roadrunner Ultra light BattleMech on Capolla.