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Fortress Republic

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This article is about the event. For the novel, see Fortress Republic (novel).

Fortress Republic
Part of the Dark Age
Start Date 1 October 3135 - 3145
Location Prefecture X
Result During those years, protected planets are not accessible
Republic of the Sphere


Fortress Republic was the name given to a plan formed by Devlin Stone and carried out by Exarch Jonah Levin to help preserve the Republic of the Sphere from the outside forces that threatened to destroy it. The plan called for the complete withdrawal of all remaining Republic forces to behind a border that roughly encompassed the outline of the Republic's Prefecture X (the capital prefecture containing Terra). In addition to this withdrawal, any attempts at contacting the new Republic would be met with hostility, including the destruction of any ships that crossed the border into the territory.

This law had the effect of sealing off the entire Prefecture, abandoning the remaining Republic worlds, now named Republic Remnant. The plan, originally, was to leave all planets outside the walls, and any republic loyalist, to their own luck (even the Fidelis units, under the command of Paladin Damien Redburn who were launching black ops to ensure the Republic's survival, cannot reenter to the Republic), although a reconquest of the old territory was planned as part of Fortress Republic, but a secondary plan was added later: the plan of the "pocket fortress".

This plan, elaborated by Paladin Thaddeus Marik, consisted in the formation of alliances of nearby worlds to keep large interstellar nations to swallow them easily. One of these states was Tall Trees Union, in old Marik space.

In 3145, however, all pocket Fortress and independent planets have been conquered or absorbed inside other states. Only 8 planets, including Callison, are still independents. However, the main defense of the Fortress was not their ground or space forces, but a system called "The Wall", a hyperspace barrier surrounding the Fortress space; any JumpShips that attempts to cross it bounce and returns to their origin point, partially destroyed and with the crew crippled... or mingled with their ship.[1]

That same year Devlin Stone awakened from cryogenic suspension and assumed again his place of leader of the Republic, making a pact of mutual defense with the Federated Suns. In 3149 Stone made the Walls around the Fortress fall and launched operations to reclaim lost worlds around the Fortress, along with Operation ERUPTIO, sowing chaos in Draconis Combine Space and helping the Suns to recover Robinson, the capital of the Draconis March. However, the same year, the Fortress space was invaded with overwhelming force by the Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf. By 3150 the Fortress was at the edge of collapse.[2]


The Walls enclosed exactly 35 worlds, less than a fifth of original Republic space. The worlds are all contained in Prefecture X, except for Dieron, and some others from other former Prefectures:


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