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  • January 6: Operation SHOFAR begins, ultimately reclaiming ten worlds for the Republic.
  • February - March: Operation BÀOYÌNG carried out, four Republic worlds fall to Capellan Confederation.
  • March 5: Republic of the Sphere invades Dieron as part of Operation ERUPTIO.
  • March: The Republic raids Towne, plunging the planet into civil war.
  • April: Operation PERCEVAL liberates Coloma and other Federated Suns worlds from Draconis Combine.
  • June:
  • Draconis Combine launches its first wave of Operation TIAMAT.
  • Dubhe, Alhena and Chertan conquered by the Wolf Empire.
  • August:
  • August 29: Damien Redburn and Republic Remnant forces briefly resist Jonah Levin's attempt to reintegrate them into Republic of the Sphere.
  • October: Capellan Confederation mounts Wave Two of Operation TIAMAT
  • November: Coloma reclaimed by Draconis Combine.
  • November 25: Robinson liberated by ERUPTIO task force.
  • December: Keid falls to Capellan Confederation.




  • Thresher Mk II heavy BattleMech enters service with Clan Wolf, produced by Clan Sea Fox.
  • Wolf Empire restarts production of the Woodsman Heavy Omnimech to boost their depleted Touman.