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  • January: LCAF subdues the Buena Collective.
  • February:
    • Capellan resistance to Federated Suns on New Syrtis ends.
    • Clan Jade Falcon invades Coventry but is ultimately repulsed by the LCAF.
  • March:
    • Mithron raided by the Joyeux Corsaire pirate band.
    • Clan Wolf-in-Exile invades Jade Falcon Occupation Zone but is stopped on Pobeda.
  • August:
    • Capellan counterattack against New Syrtis is eventually defeated by AFFS defenders.
    • The Hikage and Ryuken-hachi mount a deep-strike on Remagen.
  • December: Rim Territories pirates conquer four Lyran Commonwealth worlds.
  • AFFS continues behind-the-lines raids on a dozen worlds held by the Draconis Combine.
  • XVI Hastati Sentinels conduct a false-flag raid on the House Liao held world of Ruchbah against First Liao Guard.
  • The Red Keshik wins a challenge against the First Free World Guards for JumpShip repair services over Ionus.


  • March: Duchy of Andurien formally claims several unaligned worlds between it and Regulus.
  • May: Clan Wolf-in-Exile ends its service to the Lyran Commonwealth and leaves for an unknown destination.
  • June:
    • Timbuktu Collective formed by the merger of Rim Collection and five Lyran Commonwealth worlds.
    • Yori Kurita presents the Hikage to Kanrei Toranaga.
  • 7 July: Regulan Fiefs surrender to the reborn Free Worlds League.
  • 18 July: Biochemical bomb explodes in New Syrtis' capital; the fallout kills hundreds of thousands of civilians.
  • September:
    • Xieng Khouang Massacre results in thirty-eight ComStar personnel and dependents killed by Capellan mob.
    • Several independent worlds situated between the Free Worlds League and Magistracy of Canopus join the Magistracy.



  • Triskelion Heavy Tripod BattleMech enters combat for the first time.
  • Ryoken III-XP Medium OmniMech is encountered in battle for the first time by Inner Sphere forces.
  • Mastodon Assault OmniMech begins to be produced in the Rasalhague Dominion