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  • 19 June: Battle of Palmyra, Draconis Combine forces destroy over 20 percent of the AFFS.
  • 23 August: Robinson invaded by Draconis Combine, falling soon after.
  • 11 November: Operation CELESTIAL REWARD begins: Capellan Confederation invades Federated Suns.
  • 29 November: Spica falls to Capellan Confederation.
  • 12 December: Warrior House Ijori and the supporting Third Tikonov Guards conquer Demeter.
  • Clan Jade Falcon captures Alphecca.
  • Beta Galaxy of Clan Snow Raven conquers the Federated Suns worlds of Sterlington and Kirbyville.




  • Yinghuochong BattleMech first appears in combat during House Liao's invasion of the Federated Suns.
  • Gùn OmniMech first appears as part of the garrison forces being deployed by House Liao for its invasion.
  • Vandal OmniMech appears in combat for first time on Spica.