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Julian Davion

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Julian Davion
Character Profile
Born 3107[1]
Affiliation House Davion
Title(s) First Prince
Prince's Champion
Lord Markeson
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Christoffer Davion (father)[2]

Julian Davion was a noted MechWarrior and steadfastly loyal to the throne of the Federated Suns.


Born to Christoffer Davion and the grandson of the famous Jackson Davion[1], Julian grew up hearing the stories of his family's honor. Just like his family before him, he entered into the military and learned his skills at the New Avalon Military Academy. Julian was easily able to enter the exchange program which got him to be transferred to the Nagelring.[1]

While attending at the Nagelring, he fell in with Callandre Kell who had a history of being unrestrained. Julian would find himself being expelled from the school and exiled from the Lyran Commonwealth at the command of the Archon. The stain on his honor left a black mark for years even though the First Prince Harrison Davion was able to smooth the situation out.[1]

Julian was never close to Caleb Davion, his cousin and heir of the Federated Suns; their relationship was even more strained when Harrison appointed Julian as Prince's Champion, the youngest ever. As the Champion, he spent most of his time troubleshooting problems throughout the Suns' realm and staving off incursions by the Taurian Concordat. His ability to deal with difficult situations grabbed the attention of Duchess Amanda Hasek, who worried some due to her independent streak but did not worry Harrison due to his belief in Julian's undying loyalty.[1]

In 3134, Julian Davion accompanied First Prince Harrison Davion to Terra for the funeral of Victor Steiner-Davion. There he was ordered by the Prince to assist the Republic with his honorary command of the 1st Davion Guard with brewing conflict with the Rogue Senate. At the various gatherings on Terra, he meets many of the young nobles from the various Inner Sphere powers. After a dispute between Caleb and Yori Kurita, the Prince's son named Julian as his champion in Trial of Refusal using Republic's simulators to refight the War of 3039 as single battle. He fought Yori Kurita to a draw.[citation needed]

After the death of Prince Harrison Davion, Caleb Davion was announced as the First Prince of the Federated Suns. Caleb feared Julian would attempt to seize the throne and dismissed him as the Prince's Champion, relegating him to his previous position as commander of the 1st Davion Guards. Under Julian's command the Guards continued with the last order of Prince Harrison: bring stability to the Republic.[1]

Julian and his coalition force were sent by the Exarch to Ronel in 3135 in an attempt to stop Conner Rhys-Monroe and his Alliance forces from capturing the planet with its functional HPG Station. He fought a number of grueling battles against the Alliance forces. It was not until after the collapse of the Republic that this coalition force was able to defeat Conner. Julian allowed Conner and his Alliance force to ransom some of their equipment and withdrew from Ronel in good faith. Gavin Marik-Davion then approached Julian, and offered his services as a spy and provided him with the gift of information, including evidence that Caleb Davion is insane and Prince Harrison had died on Terra.[citation needed]

As the coalition broke up and returned home, Julian decided to remain on Ronel to uphold the orders of the Exarch to defend the planet. Callandre Kell elected to remain with Julian to watch his back.[citation needed]

Julian and the Guards stayed within Republic space long after the walls came up, fighting to protect the worlds that they once controlled. Eventually, the Federated Suns military sent them to help defend Tharkad against the attacks by both Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf. Once the news of Caleb's death and his own election by the Federated Suns Privy Council as the new First Prince reached him, he reluctantly took up the crown of the Federation.[1]

After aiding the Lyran Commonwealth from the attacking Clans, Julian then made speed to the Federated Suns taking in as many available forces that will aid him, among them is the Tiburon Khanate who agreed to transport Julian's forces in exchange for three trading worlds.

Julian arrived safely to Federated space and took his place as First Prince, only to have to face the biggest crisis in the Federation's history: the next year, it was invaded both by the Capellan Confederation and the Draconis Combine. The Combine managed to take Robinson, capital of the Draconis March, and later New Avalon, and the Confederation managed to take New Syrtis, capital of the Capellan March. Amanda Hasek was captured and publicly executed by the Capellans.[3]. The loss of the three capitals and the motherly figure was a very hard time for Julian, but he recovered, and in 3147 launched Operation CERBERUS, managing to retake New Syrtis despite suffering heavy losses. Julian was almost killed twice and lost a leg in the fight.[4]


Julian often piloted an Enforcer III named Damocles while leading a regiment of the Davion Guards in battle.[5] During the fighting against the Senate Alliance troops on Terra and Ronel, Julian piloted a Templar OmniMech. [6] Later, he changed his machine to a Templar III; it is said a gift from Victor Davion .[7] When the Dawn Guards raided Acamar, he piloted a Mangonel, part of the unit's early attempt to keep its Davion loyalties under wraps.[8]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Caleb Davion
First Prince of the Federated Suns

Succeeded by



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