Harrison Davion

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Harrison Davion
Character Profile
Born 3069[1]
Died 19 September 3135[2]
Affiliation House Steiner-Davion
Title(s) First Prince
Profession Noble
Parents Tancred Sandoval (father)[1]
Yvonne Steiner-Davion (mother)[1]
Spouse Isabella Hasek[1]
Children Caleb Davion[1]

Harrison Davion was the son of Duke Tancred Sandoval and Prince-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion. His rule as First Prince of the Federated Suns was fairly unremarkable as it took place during the relatively peaceful years after the Word of Blake Jihad.


Harrison was a large man who was given to blunt language, though he kept his secrets close. He greatly preferred comfortable clothing and his latest fashion faux pas was often the subject of conversation to the point that a line of "Harry Bears" were created and constantly updated so that they were dressed in his blunder of the moment.

Harrison initially refused immediate accession to the throne of First Prince upon reaching maturity, preferring instead to wait until he was married and had an heir. He married Isabella Hasek in 3091, but she did not give birth to their first child until 3099, whereupon he finally took the crown, becoming the first true First Prince in decades.[1]

After the death of Paladin Victor Ian Steiner-Davion, Harrison traveled to Terra for the state funeral. Here, he entered into a formal alliance with Exarch Jonah Levin and The Republic of the Sphere.

Marriage and children[edit]

He married Isabella Hasek and they had one child together, Caleb. Unfortunately, early in his life Caleb developed paranoid schizophrenia, causing him to hallucinate a "best friend" named Mason Lambert, and lash out at anyone he saw as a threat to his position. It also left him unable to pilot a BattleMech, so in order to meet the First Prince Military Requirements, he became a Vehicle Commander for the New Syrtis Avengers.

Death and afterward[edit]

Harrison was mortally wounded in 3135 after he privately revealed his desire to Caleb that he been passed up in the line of succession in favor of a cousin, Julian Davion. In his anger, Caleb accidentally pushed Harrison off the edge of the balcony of the chalet they were staying at on Terra. He later succumbed to his wounds, leaving his son Caleb as heir since he had not made his wishes concerning the succession public.


Harrison's death put a de facto end to the alliance between the Suns and the Republic, and Caleb's death during the Battle of Palmyra (3144) caused the greatest crisis the Suns had ever seen, culminating in the Conquest of New Avalon in 3146.

Julian Davion had to spend years repairing the damage caused by Caleb. Harrison wasn't even left alone in his grave: After New Avalon's liberation, in the Liberation of New Avalon, Julian discovered that the Davion family crypt had been desecrated, with Davion statues defaced and shattered. Harrison's grave was even stolen, without leaving any trace of what happened with it.[3]


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