Historical: Wars of the Republic Era

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Historical: Wars of the Republic Era
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Øystein Tvedten (Strategic Assistance)
Primary writing Philip A. Lee
Aaron Pollyea
Joel Steverson
Geoff Swift
Pages 114
Cover Artwork Alex Iglesias
Ray Arrastia
Illustrations Victor Moreno
Matt Plog
Ray Arrastia (Maps)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35234
First published 2014
Era Dark Age era
Agency Nagelring Academy
Universe Date 15 December 3145
Timeline 3085 - 3145 (total)
(Focus: 3098 - 3101,
3103 - 3105,
3111 - 3113)


Historical: Wars of the Republic Era is Catalyst Game Labs' sourcebook outlining three conflicts that began in the late thirty-first century and spanned early half of what was known as the Early Republic Era prior to Gray Monday in 3132. These includes the 2nd Combine-Dominion War (3098-3101), Victoria War (3103-3105), and Capellan Crusades (3111-3113).

The book goes into details of what began these conflicts, political leaders and their motivations, and actions taken by various military formations in these wars. Also included are game tools, special command abilities for regiments and important leaders during these wars and Random Assignment Table for two of the conflicts.

From the back cover[edit]

Local Disputes

In 3081, the Republic of the Sphere was born from the ruins of the Word of Blake Protectorate. For an Inner Sphere devastated by the horrors of escalating war, the Republic was a beacon of hope for a brighter, more peaceful future…For a time, it almost was.

Historical: Wars of the Republic Era describes the border conflicts that inevitably erupted in the decades after the Word of Blake Jihad. Covering the largest of these conflicts in particular—including the Second Combine-Dominion War, the Victoria War, and the Republic of the Sphere’s own war against the Capellan Confederation—this book provides a hard look at the early years of what would come to be known as the Dark Age Era.



  • How to Use this Book

The Republic Era: A Retrospective[edit]

  • Resettlement Blues
  • 'Mechs into Plowshares
  • Memories of 2687
  • Culling the Herd
  • Bear and Dragon
  • Capellan Rumblings
  • Emergency Powers
  • Liao
  • Twenty Years Later
  • A New Dark Age
  • Opening Salvos
  • Multa ab Uno
  • Fortress Republic
  • Empire of Wolves
  • Fall From Grace
  • Twilight of the Titans
  • The Republic Era: Timeline 3085–3145

The Second Combine-Dominion War[edit]

The Victoria War[edit]

  • Don't Turn Your Back…
    • The Framework of Carnage
    • Celestial Distraction
    • The Forgotten Threat
    • Ally of Convenience
  • Key Personalities of the Victoria War
  • Blitzkrieg
  • The Siege of Victoria
    • The Siege Begins
    • Capellan Reinforcements Wave One
    • Capellan Reinforcements Wave Two
    • Capellan Reinforcements Wave Three
    • Capellan Reinforcements Wave Four
    • Capellan Reinforcements Wave Five
    • Capellan Reinforcements Wave Six
  • Specter of the League
    • Andurien Invasion
    • Oriente Invasion
    • Capellan Response
  • Celestial Justice
    • Capellans Ascendant
    • Punitive Measures
  • Butcher's Bill
    • Hasek's Invasion
    • Humphreys and Marik's Invasion
    • The AFFS
    • The CCAF
    • The MAF
    • The DOCFH
    • The ADF
    • Casualties of the Victoria War

The Capellan Crusades[edit]

Rules Annex[edit]

  • Creating Scenarios for the Republic Era Wars
    • Random Assignment Tables
    • Assigning ’Mechs and Vehicles
    • Record Sheet Source Table
  • Special Rules for the Second Combine-Dominion War
    • Second Combine-Dominion War Random Assignment Tables
    • Key Personalities of the Second Combine-Dominion War
    • Special Abilities for Notable Commands
  • Special Rules for the Victoria War
    • Victoria War Random Assignment Tables
    • Major Personalities of the Victoria War
    • Special Abilities for Notable Victoria War Commands
  • Special Rules for the Capellan Crusades
    • Capellan Crusades Random Assignment Table
    • Major Personalities of the Capellan Crusades
  • New Units
  • Record Sheets


  • Historical: Wars of the Republic Era was informally referred to "Historical: Brush Wars III".[1]
  • The trademarked title was BattleTech Historical: Wars of the Republic Era.