Alex Iglesias

Alex Iglesias
Occupation Illustrator

Alex Iglesias (b. 1984 - ) is an artist who has produced BattleTech art for Catalyst Game Labs and Piranha Games. While having produced a number of notable pieces of cover images and internal art for CGL's BattleTech books, Iglesias is probably best known as the lead BattleMech artist for MechWarrior Online.


Iglesias has indicated that his first exposure to BattleTech was via the cartoon series, followed by the Sega Genesis BattleTech game, MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries and eventually the novels. His lifelong love affair with drawing 'Mechs ignited, Iglesias eventually graduated with a BFA in illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design, plus took a few courses at the Gnomon school of visual arts. After graduation, Iglesias would work at Day 1 Studios, Ignition Entertainment as well as a freelancer.

Iglesias' move to doing official BattleTech art occurred in a roundabout way. In 2007 he was hired to do work on CthulhuTech and was later asked if he would like to attend their booth at Gen Con 2008. Eventually grudgingly agreeing, Iglesias hadn't realized that CthulhuTech had partnered with Catalyst Game Labs and would share the same booth, putting him beside many of the ex-FASA writers who produced the BattleTech stuff of his youth. Having brought along a laptop and Wacom tablet to pass the time just in case, an awed Iglesias quickly realized he had a perfect opportunity to show off his 'Mech drawing skills, suitably impressing CGL art director Brent Evans and securing assignments to do freelance work for CGL a few months later.

Alex Iglesias' big break came when he was approached by Bryan Ekman in 2011 to work on the project that eventually became MechWarrior Online, becoming the lead artist of the games' BattleMechs. Iglesias developed a unified art-style and redesigns of the tabletop game's existing 'Mechs for the game, eventually moving from Miami to Toronto to physically work at the Piranha offices.

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