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  • July: Pirates raid Bass only to be defeated and subsequently executed by the Third Company of Raventhir's Iron Hand.
  • December: Failed pirate raid launched against Sudeten reveals the existence of the Clan Jade Falcon's new Persepolis aerospace fighter.
  • Pirates raiding Toland are destroyed by elements of Clan Hell's Horses' 67th BattleMech Cluster.




  • The Wusun Medium OmniFighter enters service with Clan Snow Raven.
  • The Poignard Light Fighter begins production in the Republic of the Sphere.
  • The Dragau II-class DropShip enters service with the Republic of the Sphere.
  • The Thunderbolt IIC Heavy BattleMech enters service with Clan Jade Falcon.
  • The Thunderbird Heavy battle armor enters service for Clan Nova Cat.
  • The Warg Assault battle armor enters service with Clan Wolf.
  • The Vidar Heavy Defense Tank enters service with Clan Ghost Bear.
  • Clan Wolf-in-Exile begins production of the Arctic Wolf II.
  • Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha begins production on the Incubus II for Clan Hell's Horses.
  • The Recon variant of the Angerona battle armor is introduced.