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  • The Knights of the Sphere are formed.
  • An Interstellar Expeditions mission to the Arcadia system fails to find any evidence of a Word of Blake presence in the system.
  • Interstellar Expeditions discovers out-of-control Star League-era terraforming efforts on the planet Mauna Loa in the SLSC M6V.15810 system 450 light-years spinward of Filtvelt.



  • The Omen is deployed in Combat Units for the first time by Clan Snow Raven.
  • Prototypes of the Marksman M1 MBT are used in trials on Terra.
  • The Thunderbolt IIC 2 is deployed for the first time by Clan Jade Falcon.
  • The WKT-1S Wildkatze enters service with Armed Forces of the Lyran Commonwealth.
  • The Tomahawk II OmniMech enters production for Clan Wolf.