Naomi Centrella

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Naomi Centrella
Naomi Centrella-Liao
Character Profile
Born 3039[1]
Affiliation House Centrella
Profession Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus
Parents Nicolas Ramilie (father)
Emma Centrella (mother)
Siblings Danai Centrella
Erde Centrella
Newton Ramilie II
Spouse Sun-Tzu Liao
Children Ilsa Centrella
Daoshen Liao
Danai Liao-Centrella

Naomi Centrella was a thirty-first century Periphery noblewoman, MechWarrior, military officer, politician, and the 18th Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus.

Character Description[edit]

In her youth, Naomi Centrella was noted for inheriting her mother's charms and knack for diplomacy. Further, when thrust into public life, she managed herself with poise and grace.


Early Life[edit]

Second daughter of Emma Centrella and the mercenary Nicolas Ramilie, Naomi was raised under an assumed name to protect her and her fellow siblings from assassination.[2] Naomi learned from her mother arts of diplomacy while learning MechWarrior skills from her father. Not seeing herself inheriting the throne, she eventually joined the Magistracy Armed Forces.[3]

Early years as officer in the MAF and the courtship of Sun-Tzu Liao[edit]

She became well regarded for her abilities and skills for command. She worked her way through the military ranks to achieve a command of her own.

In 3058, she met the young Sun-Tzu Liao on a diplomatic visit to Canopus IV. Her mother had assigned her to be his aide and to spy on him, which turned out to be the beginning of their relationship. She impressed him with her sense of duty during pirate attacks that were being conducted from Astrokaszy. She accompanied him on a military expedition to Astrokaszy where she had a hand in the final destruction of raiders that had been attacking Canopian worlds.[4]

Naomi soon had a number of changes in her life. In early 3060s she became military attaché and ambassador to the Capellan Confederation. She was elevated to heir apparent when her sister Danai Centrella was killed on Strana Mechty in 3060.[5]

During the later stages of the Capellan-St. Ives War, Naomi proved her worth to Sun-Tzu, where she escorted Sun-Tzu's sister, Kali Liao to Star League trials for her actions committed during the Black May attacks in 3062.[6] After his dismissal of Isis Marik from Capellan space, he formally recognized his affection for Naomi in subtle ways.[7]

Years as an officer in the MAF and the Jihad[edit]

In 3065, Naomi's mother arranged for the 3rd Canopian Fusiliers, Naomi's attached command to remain be stationed on Denbar after the war with their dependents shipped to the world.[8]

In 3068 Naomi had lost contact with Canopus IV and her mother in Magistracy. She also had become pregnant by Sun-Tzu with their daughter Ilsa; however, the child was born out wedlock. It wasn't until February 3069 when it was announced that Naomi was engaged to marry Sun-Tzu and that Ilsa would be formally adopted as his daughter.[9]

Naomi had risen to rank of Colonel in command of the 3rd Canopians when Sian was invaded by Jihad Word of Blake forces in September 3070. Naomi led the Fusiliers along with the Capellan defense forces outside the Forbidden city, where they prevented the 17th and 25th Divisions from gaining traction in their initial landings and stopped the assault of Sian with the help of the Blackwind Lancers. She was seen piloting her unique Cataphract alongside Sun-Tzu's Emperor BattleMech.[10]

The Word of Blake attempted to assassinate Naomi on Sian, using what was originally believed to be the freak fuel explosion to destroy Naomi's DropShip. It was some time before the freak explosion was ultimately attributed to the Word of Blake, however,[11][12] and Naomi wouldn't actually leave Sian for Magistracy space until February 3075.[13][14]

On the 25th of April 3075 Naomi visited Andurien as an envoy of both the Magistracy of Canopus and the Capellan Confederation. The tense visit involved both reminders of the shared history between Canopus, Andurien and House Liao, but also some pointed warnings against the Duchy pursuing "ambitions of the past." The visit was ultimately successful, with Naomi leaving Andurien on the 1st of May with a signed nonaggression pact covering all three states.[15][16]

The combined Capellan-Canopian task force led by Naomi attacked the 34th Militia forces on Canopus on the 3rd of August 3075; the 34th contested control over the Canopian capital world in a brief but bitter struggle that left Canopus free again[16][17] with Naomi taking to the field of battle in a Cataphract BattleMech.[18] Naomi made a symbolic reinstatement of her birthright to the title of Magestrix with a formal visit to the remains of the city of Crimson on the 5th of September,[16][19] witnessing the devastation wrought firsthand; the Blakist occupation had seen institutions such as the Centrella University and the Garden of Contemplation reduced to rubble and ash.[20]

Whatever else I do in my lifetime, this will never happen again.
  — Naomi Centrella, 05 September 3075, while reviewing the remains of the Garden of Contemplation in Crimson

When she left for Sian in mid-December she left the Red Lancers on Canopus to bolster the remaining planetary defenses.[21][22] The Word of Blake attempted to strike at Naomi's JumpShip in the Furud system in early February 3076, but their attempted assassination was blocked by Duchy of Andurien aerospace fighters, who drove the Blakists off;[22][23] Naomi arrived safely on Sian on the 30th of March, escorted by Capellan and Andurien forces.[22][24]

On behalf of the Magistracy of Canopus Naomi refused to join the allied coalition assembled by Devlin Stone, but on the 29th of April 3076 Naomi stated that the MAF wouldn't interfere in attempts by the coalition to liberate Capellan worlds occupied by the Word of Blake. On the same day, Sun-Tzu Liao made the same statement regarding the CCAF.[22][24]

It's strange to think of the Periphery as part of the Inner Sphere. For so long, we've prided ourselves on not being any such thing. To a lot of people out here: "Inner Sphere" still means the Great Houses that made the Star League, imposed it on us, and then broke it when they got tired of it. Wherever they run things, an ordinary person can't call her soul her own. Or so thought plenty of our forebears, who struck out for the Periphery in search of freedom from rules and regulations and bureaucrats.
  — Naomi Centrella, Canopian Military Coordinator, The Inner Sphere, ComStar Press, 3063[25]

As Magestrix of Canopus[edit]

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Family and Legacy[edit]

Her marriage with Sun-Tzu Liao officially produced three children: Ilsa Centrella, Daoshen, and much later Danai Liao-Centrella.[26]


Naomi Centrella was noted for piloting a custom Cataphract BattleMech which had been gifted by her future husband, Sun-Tzu Liao.

Game Notes[edit]

In the Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers sourcebook, Naomi is listed with the following AToW RPG abilities as of 3077. Any force Naomi is commanding receives a +1 to its initiative. Morale and casualties count half as determining commander's abilities rules from Tactical Operations book. She has an effect on individuals she speaks with that makes them feel as if they are only people talking.[27]

Portrait Gallery[edit]


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